How to upgrade Windows Mobile ROM on HTC HD2? (Video)

ROM Upgrade for HTC HD2… It will be a little bit scary if you are upgrading Windows Mobile ROM for the first time. Fear no more. Here is a video guide to help you in step by step. This is the official ROM upgrade guide. It needs a PC and USB cable that connect to your phone.


  • Windows Mobile Device Center installed on Windows Vista / Windows 7 or
  • ActiveSync installed on Windows XP
  • New HTC HD2 ROM
  • Phone battery is at least 50%

Do a backup with PIM Backup v2.8 before upgrading your Windows Mobile ROM. Note – all your data will be deleted when install new ROM. Download HTC HD2 v3.14 ROM or latest and get ready to start…

Step by Step Guide

  1. Connect USB cable from PC to phone.
  2. Select ‘ActiveSync’ and click ‘Done’.
  3. Execute HTC HD2 RUU.
  4. Click ‘Yes’ if User Access Control prompt up.
  5. Follow HTC HD2 RUU onscreen instructions to install.
  6. Bootloader will be loaded with USB status during starting of installation.
  7. Installation process will take around 4 minutes from 0% to 100%.
  8. Phone will reboot after finish installation.
  9. First time use preparation process will take around 4 minutes too.
  10. Then follow phone onscreen instructions to setup.
  11. Disconnect USB cable from phone.
  12. That’s all.

Enjoy new HTC HD2 Windows Mobile ROM…


    • The process is the same as Windows Vista / 7 with Windows Mobile Device Center. Do you able to sync contact, calendar when connect to Windows XP with ActiveSync?

  1. I just followed every instruction u gave, but after i accept to update the ROM, it loads for a minute and says “INVALID VENDER ID” and “This update utility cannot be used for your PDA phone. Please check your Update Utility”.
    I had to direct download v3.14 ROM from xda-developers because i couldn’t get from the htc website with my serial no. I really want the ROM upgrade… so pls help me out, if u know another way to do this. Thanks

  2. I have flashed hspl3 on my htc hd2. on the bootloader screen it says 2.08. hspl and Cotulla Hspl. When I power on my device I have the correct radio and the 3.14 Rom. Is this everything I need to get android? If so which file do I download for Android, because when I click the link for 2.2 froyo it gives me multiple downloads…plz help

  3. no its not the same file. the link that you provide for 2.2 froyo…when I click the link there are like 3 or 4 options i can download. which is the correct one?

  4. ugh it won’t install the rom at all. the htc black screen appears on the fone but nothing is being uploaded & after a while an error pops up. help please?

      • i followed everything. to restart the fone & the computer. it says “errorp262: update error the rom update utility has encountered communication errors during the update process. The program will guide you step-by-step to recover from the errors so you can continue with the update.”

  5. Dear Jayceooi:
    Thanks you helped me last time for installing HSPL 3. Now I am installing Radio Rom Version 3.14. I do everything as shown in video. But after following the installer instructions. When it starts updating ROM It gives following error on my Host PC:
    Error [266]: Update Error
    “The Update Utility cannot get response from your PDA Phone. Please check that your USB cradle/Cable is connected properly between the PC and your PDA Phone. And also check your PDA Phone.”
    I completly checked the USB Connection. There is no problem with the usb connection.

    Please Help me for this what should i do?

    Shall be thankfull to you.

  6. Hey Jayce, my hd2 cant launch htc sense after i change the rom . Can you plz tell me y and how can i solve it? Thanks.

    • That’s depend on your Android ROM. HTC Sense build can sync with HTC Sync. Other builds will sync with Google account once you sign in.

  7. hey jayce..!! i updated hd2 ROM to 3.14 but i found that internet is slow whn compared to before..and my phone is (o2) but i just updated it 3.14 software thru link u sent me.. do i upgrade it with ROM specially for O2 or itz okie with this???? because i found a separte ROM for O2 is there any difrnce btwn both??

  8. ANd im facing problems with internet even ,i used to use internet well b4..the same setngs i gav to dis but its nt getng connected…i tryd alot to connectd bt its damn slow.

  9. Im trying to go back to Win 6.5. I had Utimate droid on my HTC HD2. I held the volume button down while I powerd the phone. I was then able to go to the R-G-B-W screen:
    PB81120 SS-B3
    SPL-2.08.HSPL 8G XE
    CotullaHSPL 0x40

    It reads Serial at bottom of screen. After connecting the usb it read USB and I then connected to PC and ran the ROMUU and it went through the update process….HTC logo came up and it updated using 3.14.531.1. It then finished and it froze on the white and pink screen “stick together”. I dont know what happened and what to do next? I want to go back to WIN6.5. How do I do it? Please help! It still reads SPL-2.08.HSPL. Do I need to remove the HSPL so I can reinstall WIN6.5?

  10. How do I remove HSPL3 ~ SPL-2.08.HSPL and go back to my original settings to reinstall WIN6.5? How do I check to see if I have HSPL3?

  11. How can I put the file leoimg.nbh on the sd card if cant access through Windows Mobile Device Center / ActiveSync. ActiveSync doesnt see the phone after its connected. Can I put the leoimg file manually on the sd card? How do you make sure its rooted to the sd card?

  12. I tried the sd card method. I held the volume low button and powered on…..I go the R-G-B-W screen. It says…..RUUNBH in top righ corner. I also get PB81120 SS-B3
    SPL-2.08.HSPL 8G XE
    CotullaHSPL 0x40
    It also says UPgrade ROM code error. Please try again.

    It says Serial on the white bar at bottom. What can i do?

  13. Yeah! I dowload it from Tmobile website. Do you think if I install Windows 7 ROM then I can access ActiveSync on my computer and then reinstall Win6.5 by using the leoimg.nbh method? Ill try and let you know if it works. SHould I use MAGLDR 1.12 or 1.13? Ill try MAGLDR 1.13.

  14. Hi i am from South Africa will win 7 work on my hd2 ? have tried to load it and it keeps coming up with a error message , as i want to run Android on my phone please help

  15. Hey, i am not an expert,SORRY, but can you give me WIN XP links of:
    1: ACTIVE SYNC 4.5
    2: Windows Mobile Device Center
    3: RUU 3.14

    i am having win xp only and want to run them on XP.

  16. “INVALID VENDER ID” and “This update utility cannot be used for your PDA phone. Please check your Update Utility”. this is the error i get after doing each step. it starts updating the rom but after 20 sec i get this error. i want to run android 2.3 on my hd2. what should i do? plz help.

    • You are using the wrong Windows Mobile ROM for your phone. Please download at the correct HTC website for your country. Or telco website like T-Mobile.

  17. i downloaded the wwe 3.14 version. so u mean that i shud download from, i am having hd2 leo? what will happen if i install android 2.3 on it with out updating?

  18. I have recently installed a new rom, it installed successfully but when the phone is on it stays on for one minute then it shuts off by its self. when i turn it back on stays on the T-mobile stick together screen. Also When I take the battery out for like 10 minutes the phone boots up to windows but turns off after 1-2 minutes. Please help, I have tired Reinstalling the rom again but that does not help

  19. hello..when i install ruu leo in my htc scren turn to black and write ( your os rom isn’t customized for your hardware…please reflash the proper rom code..) pls help me…:-(

  20. dear jayce
    I have a problem like the AD
    during update I got error 266 and device stoped at red green blue
    what shoul I do?
    please help……….

  21. hey jayce, when i try to open RUU Leo, after ticking the two boxes, it shows ERROR[260] because it says it cant connect through the USB cable.. plzz help! 🙁

  22. i was upgrading the rom. It went to 1% on my hd2 then an error apeared. Now when i switch on my phone it is stuck on windows image… Is it bricked? What can i do to restore it? Please help help…

  23. hey i m using htc hd2 windows 5.2 and i want it to b in android and it is t-mobile vrsion rom=1.66
    spl=3.03 so can any 1 help me for it

  24. after the rom updated and my phone restarted it says “htc” and thats as far as it gets wont do anything else, dont even get the red writing at the bottom left corner
    what do i do?


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