HTC HD2 Real Media video player

How to play Real Media (rm, rmvb) video with HTC HD2? Which video player can play real video smoothly in HTC HD2? Well, I tried a lot of media players like RealPlayer for Mobile Devices itself. It cannot load in HTC HD2 at all. Some guys copied video player from Toshiba TG01 also does not do the trick. I end up convert rm, rmvb video to mp4.

HTC Touch HD Video Converter v1.21

Yup. I use HTC Touch HD Video Converter to convert real media video files to mp4 files. HTC HD2 built in media player ~ Album and Windows Media Player are hardware accelerated and play smoothly compare to CorePlayer. The encoder supports multi threading with my Intel Core2 Extreme QX9650 3.6 GHz. And it does the task perfectly.

Download HTC Touch HD Video Converter v1.21 here.