HTC HD2 Touch X battery indicator with 1% increments

HTC HD2 battery capacity is below average. It only has 1230 mAh capacity. Therefore, as one of the HTC HD2 users, I installed Touch X battery indicator with 1% increments.


With this percentage battery indicator on right top corner, you don’t need to click on the battery in order to see the actual battery percentage left. It will turn to yellow colour when below 30% and red colour in 0-10% range.

Download Touch X battery indicator here.


  1. Its good that you are posting cool tricks and software for HTC phones, but it just makes me feel jealous of you! lol…I am still with Nokia S60..Anyways, the interface of your phone is just kick ass..

  2. Love this app and the task manager fix for the HD2 too. Can’t live without them. As you probably noticed I’ve added the Swedish version of these fixes on my blog. Hope you didn’t mind me “stealing” the tips from your blog.

    One more tip you should write about on the blog is how to show the owners information in Windows Mobile 6.5, since Microsoft did hide the option without any apparent reason.

    Some programs simply need the owners information in order for you to be able to register them. If your not familiar with the solution, here it goes.

    Start a registry editor and change the “hide” key in ”HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/ControlPanel/Owner” from 1 to 0. Now you can use the owners information, found under settings/menu(down in the lower right corner)/more/private.

    Your welcome to “steal” this and make a new post about it instead of having it here in the reply section.

    • By the way, the is a simple way to set owner information. Just edit the ‘Me’ in All People (People). That’s our information. No need registry editor. Yeah… πŸ™‚

  3. I hate to correct you, but the contact information is not the same as the owners information. Most software that require the owners information will simply not read it from the contact information in the address book on the phone.

    Just look at the G-alarm application, where you have to send your owners information to the company in order to register it.

    There might be some software that will read the information from the contact information but I have not seen any software that actually do this.

    Once again, Iam not trying to sound smart. I have learnt this from own experience with the WM6.5. Thanks again for your excellent blog.

    • Hmm… Maybe your HD2 is not as same as mine. The owner information works perfectly with the method that I use. Whatever I changed in β€˜Me’ in All People == it reflexes to owner information. πŸ™‚

      • Indeed you are right. Seems to have been an update in how the owners information works in HD2. On my Touch Pro 2 with Windows Mobile 6.5 it does however don’t work this way. I’m quite happy that they fixed this issue, since it was quite an issue for me that have lots of bought programs with special serial keys.

  4. Hi,
    I have a problem that icon of phone status like “ring” or “silent” didn’t show. Would you please advise how to correct it. And in case that I would like to uninstall this application for battery indicator, how should I do.

    Thanks & regards


  5. Jayce, thanks for the battery indicator, it installed correctly, but did not appear in the taskbar. The speaker indicator also disappeared. May be some kind of conflict? I restarted my HD2, but nothing changed. Any suggestions?
    Best regards!


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