HTC One X battery life test revisited

My HTC One X is still running software version 1.26.707.2. HTC One X 1.28 OTA update should improve battery life around 10 to 20%. However, the 1.28 OTA update is still not available in Malaysia yet. Anyway, I still manage to make my HTC One X battery to last for 3 days. On minimum usage of course…

HTC One X battery life test

History details
Screen time on

Well, this kind of HTC One X battery life won’t happen much. I charge my smartphone almost everyday because I do lot of testing on it. So this should be the longer single charge battery life on my HTC One X…


  1. I bought a htc one x yesterday….with only moderate usage of facebook and screen brightness set to minimum,the phn lasted only for 4 hours…plz help

  2. Hi i got my my htc one x updated to 1.28. But i think im still not getting an increase in battery life. The battery drains about 10% when i play temple run for about 10 minutes. And i get 68% screen use when i use the phone watching videos, internet. Is that normal?


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