HTC One X battery life test

How is HTC One X battery life? HTC One X has 1800 mAh battery capacity. Based on specification, it is not much for a quad-core smartphone with 4.7″ 720p HD screen. I am not surprise here because HTC always put smaller capacity size battery on its smartphones (compare to competitors). HTC HD2 has 1230 mAh battery capacity only with 4.3″ large screen 3 years ago. And I still manage to get a whole day of battery life on normal usage (on Android 2.3 Gingerbread of course). How about HTC One X battery life? Let’s find out…

HTC One X battery life

Detailed battery usage
Screen time on

As usual, I enable 3G connection all the time instead of Wi-Fi on HTC One X. And enable WCDMA only in Network mode. This will consume more battery than GSM only with Wi-Fi connection. On standby with no data connection, I get around 1% battery drop on each hour. Around 3% battery drops per hour with 3G data turn on and surfing 3 of my blogs (1 main page and 1 single page). This is on par with my Samsung Galaxy S2 battery life.

As expected, HTC One X 4.7″ 720p HD screen consumes the most battery life ~ 61% with 3 hour and 19 minutes time on. NVIDIA quad-core Tegra 3 CPU and GPU is the second battery hungry guy. Battery drops fast and temperature go up to uncomfortable level when play 3D games.

This battery life test is based on the very first production ROM (software number 1.26.707.2) for HTC One X. Hopefully, HTC can improve HTC One X battery life in future software update.


  1. “sigh” man, i’m sooo happy finally holding my precious one x…it really is a remarkable phone but al these issues… so glad you’re taking the time to post your findings (and conclusions) about the problems…it’s very reassuring to hear from someone who knows what he’s talking about concerning these matters. Thx once again Jayce.

    As all other One X users i’m anxiously awaiting the 1.27 update so please, if you come across anything, ANYTHING at all you’ll let us know right?

    BTW a suggestion, maybe you could spread some info about apps that, now or in the near future can be found or are coming out soon that fully exploit the benefits of the Tegra 3 quadcore us proud one x owners now have at our disposal…like glowball for instance…

  2. Jayce,
    thanks a lot for ur valuable and intelligible analysis,
    i’m worry to buy Htc one X regarding its battery,
    the issue is the battery is not removable,
    and i used HTC sensation, but the battery life was not good,
    till i arrived to replace it. so wht could happen for HTC one x which if
    people could not be able to remove the battery? does that battery can live for long?
    Could you plz make a simple comparison between Samsung Galaxy S II, Sony Xperia S and Htc One X, in term of software, durability, and speed. if u have time do d same for pict, videos, call quality, and UI for all ( Samsung, Sony and HTC), want buy one of them, help me to make my decision.
    Thank, look forward to see your analysis.


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