HTC One X overheat up to 63.8 °C

HTC One X overheats up to 63.8 °C? Based on HTC Support ~ temperature raises to around 55°C on HTC One X is considered normal. However, I am getting as high as 63.8 °C on my HTC One X after 1.28.707.10 system upgrade.

HTC One X overheat up to 63.8 °C

As usual, I used NVIDIA Glowball Demo as HTC One X temperature benchmark. My HTC One X temperature reached 60 °C after 15 minutes of playing NVIDIA Glowball Demo. And reached 63.8 °C after 30 minutes. It is not considered warm anymore I would say but HOT when you touch it. Maybe my HTC One X is faulty. Going to check with HTC Support again…

Is your HTC One X hotter than mine?


  1. After 30 mins of playing Glowball on my One X, temperature goes to 56°C, witch is considered normal, but my battery goes from 90% to 60% in these 30 minutes.
    I have upgraded software to 1.28.401.9 EU, this is first update avalible here in EU.

  2. i have the same issue after updated to 1.28
    which my phone overheat faster than before ,
    and the battery great when the phone idle
    but when i use it like scrolling around ,web surfing or game , it drop super fast

  3. My HTC One X broke your record, even if it was with the StabilityTest app using the Classic Stability Test temperatures went upto 67.7°C.
    I don’t have to tell you that the device was so hot that it just might burn you if you held it in a hand.
    The other bad thing is that it ran for 35 minutes before turning off which means that the charger is charging slower than the phone can suck up power. That’s just silly because that means StabilityTest can’t be ran for longer sessions like 12 and more hours…
    I sent an asking to HTC Tech Support and will gladly post their answer when and if they respond!

    • At 67c the battery must stop charging or it will catch fire. This is not a laptop and does not have a direct path between charger and phone, charge current can only go to the battery…

  4. Same here!
    After upgraded, my HTC One X temperature reached 60°C after 5 minutes of playing Facebook! Even my alarm ringing also drop faster!
    From 9am to 1pm, charging status only reached 60%…not yet fully charge!!

  5. my one x have this problem two, but i have reached such numbers only with the glowball… while playing normal games such as dungeon defenders, blood and glory or dungeon hunter 3, i have never reach numbers above 45 degrees

  6. After a few minutes of connecting my HTC ONE X to a HDMI, the temperature rise above 60’C. That’s scary. I thought if I keep doing this, my phone will damage due to overheat.


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