HTC One X overheating issue

HTC One X is too hot to handle. Yeah… Just like the new iPad. They share the very same ‘hot’ issue. HTC One X suffers overheating issue on its NVIDIA quad-core Tegra 3 and 720p HD Super LCD2 IPS display screen. You will get uncomfortable warmness on the LCD screen and back of the phone (especially near the camera lens) after playing intensive 3D games. Hardcore 3D gamers need to take note on this…

HTC One X overheating issue

Yup, HTC One X battery temperature went up to 53.5 °C after played 3D games for just 20 minutes. For you information, HTC One X battery temperature is around 34 °C during standby. HTC One X overheats easily when playing 3D games. I knew that playing 3D games will overheat as NVIDIA quad-core Tegra 3 CPU and GPU are working hard. But was not expecting battery temperature will go up as high as 53.5 °C.

By the way, HTC One X battery temperature easily goes above 40 °C on normal usage like taking shot with camera, watch video clips and listen to MP3. And up to 45 °C when browse Internet with Wi-Fi connection. A ‘hot’ product from HTC indeed…


  1. Wow… who would have ever thought if you packed an expensive/huge/heavy/power-hungry quad CPU into a tight/smalll cell phone… that it would get overheated!!!!

    quad = useless.

  2. HTC one x is extremely hot!!!!..i love to play Front Line Commando game and i was play this game with sony ARC S for one and half hour.It is no problem …But when i play this game at HTC one x temperature reached to 60c ‘ withing 10 minutes..And next time, when i played this us powered off automatically..when it open again phone said to send error report to HTC team but i don’t have internet connection…HTC must try to solve this problem…because i cann’t touch to my face and ear with this fucking device when i received incoming phone call..

  3. Seem this htc one x has failure production, dont know problem on software or hardware. But really hot to use it when you receive the calls. Do htc officers has thick ear by using over heat 60 C ?

  4. Ive had very much same problem with my Galaxy S2 on ICS 4.03, It used to overheat n shut down while gaming, ive had no such issues with same games while i was on GB 2.3.6. Its firmware specific issue i believe. V need a fix for android and not for phone. Now i shifted to ONE X and same games n same overheating but never shut down till now.

  5. I have the Tegra 3 Arrows X F-10D. A brilliant phone when its cool. But when its a warm day and you play a game (while waiting for the wife shopping for 10 minutes) the phone shuts down after 5 minutes or tells you programs had to shut down because the phone is so hot.

    It will make a great hand-warmer in winter though.

    Its back with Docomo now. They are scratching heads what to do as it cost me almost $1,000 (now down to $800) here.

    Who knew it would get hot huh. 🙁

  6. I used HTC ONE X for close to 4 months and I’ve been experiencing the heating issue from DAY1. Mine get heated up in the below scenarios (in ascending order and NOT all the times)
    a. While Charging using HTC charger
    b. While browsing
    c. While jus opening the MENU items
    d. While running games
    e. While listening to Music
    f. While speaking

    What I meant to say is it heated up every time. I spoke to HTC Help line they gave me a Code something like *#*#*#456#*#*#* and check the Battery temp which should not exceed 55C, and mine was reaching 54C but not crossing 55C.

    But all of sudden the heat problem has gone and the Phone was real GOOD than any. Although I missed mine while shopping. RIP my HTC

  7. At first my htc was great but now i dont know what happened to it , it gets heated up with in few minutes without running any kind of first I thought it was with the many applications that I had than I restored it but it still nothing has changed wat should I do now because it nolong keeps the battery also.


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