HTC One X Wi-Fi signal test (vs Samsung Galaxy S2)

Besides poor 3G signal on HTC One X, HTC One X Wi-Fi connection is reported not good also. Seem like HTC One X GSM / HSPA and Wi-Fi antenna reception is not up to standard? As usual, I ran HTC One X Wi-Fi signal test with Samsung Galaxy S II as comparison. Who will be winner? Let’s find out…

Yeah… HTC One X won in Wi-Fi signal test. Not quite. HTC One X does perform better when Wi-Fi router is nearby. But lost to Samsung Galaxy S2 when away from Wi-Fi router.


  1. hi…

    1st just wanna say great site u have here and thx for all the info…

    just wanna share with u, my HTC One X cannot get full WIFI signal from my router but my other phone ( HTC Desire HD and Galaxy S2 ) seem to have no problem with the router. is there any special config i have to make at my router for HTC One X to receive full signal? BTW i’ve try connect with other WIFI and it can receive full signal.

  2. Can you run a throughput test?
    Signal strength can sometimes be misleading.
    I recall when the first Galaxy SII(s) were out there – there were many complains about its signal indication which turned out to be eventually just a wrong graphic representation.

  3. There is a setting under advanced in htc one x where you can increase the range.
    It is a bit more powerconsuming so it isnt on from beginning, and has to be activated if wanted.


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