Install ViPER4Android APK with Android 5.0 Lollipop support

ViPER’s Audio is another audio enhancing software to provide better audio experiences in various platforms such as smartphone and PC. Yup, they are ViPER4Android and ViPER4Windows which is built for Android smartphone and Windows PC. However, we are going to cover Android version here for now. So what can ViPER’s Audio do? It improves bass with its Dynamic bass system and ViPER Bass. And better clarity with its unique ViPER Clarity and XHiFi technology too. Besides, surround sound experience had never been better without ViPER’s Surround Settings including Field Surround, Differential Surround (Haas Effect) and Virtual Headphone Surround+. And is the first audio mod to implement Convolver into smartphone. Therefore, do try it if you are an audiophile.

My Galaxy S4 is not updated to Android 5.0 Lollipop yet. Luckily, V4A supports older Android version too – from Android 2.3 onwards. There are 2 versions of V4A – ViPER4Android FX and ViPER4Android XHiFi. However, the later one had been stopped from development. FX is the main control panel of ViPER’s Audio with all popular ViPER’s Audio settings. XHiFi has less settings compare to FX. It has superior audio reconstruction which mainly used for restoring lossy audio quality.

Come on, download and install V4A audio mod apk here to enjoy better sound quality on your phone now.


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