Kaiser Baas Alpha Drone Review

“I want to play! Come on, it’s my turn now.” Yes, all of us are fighting to take turn to play. And the star of the day is Alpha Drone from Kaiser Baas. Yes, it is a remote-controlled quadcopter that can record HD video footage at 30 frame per second and shoot photos at 2MP. Besides, it is loaded with 6-axis gyroscopic control to provide superior stabilisation against wind and do tricky manoeuvres too. Sound great? Let’s find out…



  • Gyroscopic Stabilisation, providing a rock-steady camera platform that’s solid even in high winds.
  • Tweak your trim, stabilise your flight and enable the video and still image capture of your drone with transmitter.
  • Save images and video to an onboard Micro-SD, so if your Alpha Drone flies out of range, footage won’t be lost.
  • Carries a 720p camera that records in HD at 30 frames per second, while still images can be captured at 2MP.
Alpha Drone in the box


  • Dimensions: 33.1 X 33.1 X 7.7cm
  • Weight: 109g
  • Channels: 4
  • Battery: 550mAh
  • Motors: 4 X 3.7V, 2.5-2.6A, 12000rpm
  • Transmitter Battery: 6 X AA (not included)
  • Screen: LCD Display
  • Frequency: 2.4 Ghz
  • Range: 60m
  • Flight Time: Approximately 7 minutes
  • Camera Resolution: 720P 30FPS
  • Photo: 2MP
  • Video format: AVI
  • Photo format: JPG
  • Memory: Micro SD card
  • Warranty: 1 Year
Remote Control Transmitter
Transmitter Screen

Package Content & Design
In the nice looking box, there are Alpha Drone, remote control transmitter, 2GB micro SD card, 4 rotor blade guards, 4 spare rotor blades, drone battery, 2 landing feet, USB battery charger, card reader, screwdriver, safety information, warranty / return information and user guide.

Package Contents

Alpha Drone itself is made from lightweight sturdy plastic and this is good. Yes, it survived multiple crashed landings thanks to all the newcomers including me. The 4 rotor blade guards help a lot to protect drone from mishaps. The landing feet help to protect the camera too. Do install them if you are a beginner.

Yeah… The Alpha Drone
With Rotor Blade Guards

There is 720p camera at the bottom and you can adjust the camera record angle slightly too. 4 LED lights are there too and they are nice during nighttime.

Adjustable 720p camera
550mAh Battery

Performance Result
Fun… Fun… And fun… That’s what you will get once master to control Alpha Drone. But now, let’s back to the beginning. First of all, do read the user guide (especially beginner). Then take your time to put on parts like rotor guards, landing gear and battery. Well, it took me some time to figure out how to remove the battery hatch. But once figured out, it is as simple as ABC.

Taking Off…
Tilt to the left
Up… Up and Away.

I tested my very first flight indoor. Be sure to find a big free space then. There you can fine-tune Alpha Drone if it is drifting off during a hover or other flight manoeuvre. Trimming levels will be displayed in the fine-tuning bars on the transmitter display. As you can see in the photos, I manage to fly it indoor when mastered the control.

Click for Actual Size

Yes, the drone can take decent photos with 2MP sensor. Just look at the toys of my 3 years old. Lovely, right? And check out the video footage recorded with its HD camera below. Enjoy the aerial view near your neighborhood.

Camera ready? Action!!! Yeah… Let’s see how Alpha Drone perform in the air by beginner. No worry, just keep it steady and fly low at first. Then take off up in to the sky high…

My Alpha Drone survived multiple crashed landings so I have no doubt of its durability. Control it is quite simple and easy. And can perform cool tricks like 360° flip manoeuvre. Just make sure that you are not flying it against strong wind. You will have hard time to control it and get drifted away easily. Personally, I like to fly during nighttime to enjoy its lovely LED lights. Hmm… Fun times always pass by quickly. Yes, you get around 7 minutes flight time only with its 550mAh battery. And need to wait 45 minutes for the battery to fully charge. Be sure get additional battery to spend more time in the air.

Love the LED lights
I believe I can fly…
I believe I can touch the sky…


  • Hey, it’s fun to play
  • Take HD video & photo
  • 6-axis gyroscopic stabilisation
  • Lightweight & solid build


  • Can’t fight against strong wind
Alpha Drone at nighttime

Alpha Drone by Kaiser Baas is fun to play. Take HD video and photo too. Perfect for those who want to learn to fly quadcopter for the very first time. Do check out Kaiser Baas Website for more information. And get yours there.

P/SI will be right back. The drone battery was just fully charged. See ya…



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