Leapfrog E-Store Super Crazy Deal

The long awaiting ‘Super Crazy Deal’ is back, this time the sales will be organized starting from 27 August 2018 – 9 September 2018 as we will have range of brands providing further markdown which include Alcatroz, Armaggeddon, Audiobox, Elysium and SonicGear products.

This time we will be having a mini games where the followers in our official ‘Shopee’ account increase by 1000, we will unlock 1 SUPER CRAZY DEAL. First deal will unlock at 8000 Followers where our followers are currently at 7428 which in fact it require 572 more followers to unlock the first crazy deal where consumer could get the products for a very cheap price.

Consumers who saw this post please consider yourself lucky because we will be giving out a secret promo code for you all to enjoy the online shopping. Ways to obtain the promo code is as easy as ABC. Here are the following steps:

Step 1: For new android smartphone user, kindly visit to “Google Play store” and download the “Shopee” application. For new IOS user, kindly visit “App-store” to download the “Shopee” application. However, for existing user you could also enjoy the promotion that had been offered.

Step 2: Once download is complete, register yourself with an account by linking it with your Google account or any other methods that you prefer.

Step 3: Registration complete, at the search task bar, kindly search for “Leapfrog Global” and click the ‘FOLLOW’ button to follow our official store where consumer also had a chance to unlock crazy deal when it hit the ‘ certain amount of follower’ require.

Step 4: Once you had decided what caught your interest and decided to buy, click “add to cart”/ “buy now” icon to proceed to the payment. Before checking out, apply the promo code that had been providing to you and you will be entitled further discount of the product:

Apply the code
Code 1: ARMA99 (Discount 10%, Min Purchase RM30)
Code 2: ARMA99UP (Discount 15%, Min Purchase RM60)

Step 5: After you had done the steps as mention above, your product is ready to be shipped out. Kindly wait for at least 3 working days for products to be safely deliver to you. Lastly, upon receiving please do not hesitate and leave a positive feedback on our official page.

Throughout this campaign we will be having promotions for item that occur at different days and also promotions for ‘All day deals’ such as:

27 August-29 August
• SparkPlug Chrysan – RM19.90 (Buy 1 Free 1)
• Pandora Lumo 2 – Buy 2 @ RM50
• AirPad 1 – RM69.90 Free Charging Cable
• T7x – RM99.90
• Pulse 7 – RM55
• U300 – RM55

30 August-2 September
• BlueSports 5 – Buy 2 @ RM50
• BT300 (Free Tzla 4000 Power Bank) – RM89
• T2x – RM79.90
• T2z – RM79.90
• Atom 1 – RM55

3 September-7 September
• AirWave 300 – RM28 (Buy 2 @ RM50)
• BBX-100 – RM59
• Xplorer Dock 1 – RM99 Free AirTag
• Xplorer Dock 2 – RM129 Free AirTag
• Infineon 3000 – RM139 Free Azure Blade
• TWS 6 – RM129 Free Tzla Slim 4000

8 September-9 September
• T9x – RM159
• V1x – RM69.90
• SparkPlug Grafite – RM19.90 (Buy 1 Free 1)
• Atom 3 – RM65
• TOT – RM109
• Kinder 2 – RM65 Free Mug

List of promotion for All day deals
• AK-300x + Scorpion 3 – RM59.90
• Kinder 1 – RM45 Free Mug
• Tzla Maxima 2400S – RM39.90
• Tzla Ultima Trip 3300 – RM39
• T11 – RM159
• Kevlar 17 – RM299 Free Litch Blade
• Infineon 5000 – RM209 Free Azure Blade x 3
• U-Blast – RM20
• Air-Tag – RM14.90
• Air-Tag (Twin Pack) – RM14.90

What are you waiting for? Head to Leapfrog E-Store at Shopee now!


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