Left 4 Dead 2 Patch ~ crash to desktop fix

Woo… If the Left 4 Dead 2 crash fix solutions cannot help you solve the crash to desktop (CTD) issue, here is an unofficial patch that I found from China website. While waiting for the official patches to come out, why no try out the unofficial one. Just overwrite the files with the 7-Zip file. Enjoy the game…

Download the Left 4 Dead 2 Patch here (link removed).


  1. it doesnt work..huhuhu but anyway thanks…becoz im using a laptop, maybe some specs does not meet..is there any hope for this??i love l4d2…huhuhuhu

  2. The game hasn’t crashed back to desktop since I used the patch! I’ve run the game for over 4 hours now and no CTD!!! Thanks a lot dude!

  3. ellow guys..but are you sure this patch it works ? because i used patch from razor1911 and then it crash at loading screen…anyone have a hotfix or somethings.. pm me back

    negi chan ..

    • hey..i am using razor too buddy..the thng is you have to merge..,there is a file named install.reg run it it will ask merge yes or no..say yes…then start the game it will run….

  4. So I over writed everything from the 7zip to my left 4 dead 2 directory and when I open the game a program opens up that says Language and Name. I put my steam name and hit Run. Now all of my achievements are missing and when I try to play a game it just says searching for servers. It searches forever and still doesn’t find a server. Am I doing something wrong?

  5. OMG, IT FREAKIN’ WORKED!!! i’ve been searching the net for a fix for a week until i found this Amazing patch. Surprisingly, this is the same patch they used in my Cyber cafes, they had no choice because their steam version kept crashing to desktop. Thank you x2.

  6. thanks for ur patch man its realy hepls! for those who dont know how to use is! just copy all the file in this and paste it on the l4d2 folder excetp the one file named “RunThisIfStillCantPlay”! ok?

  7. I cant download it! It said “This file is either removed due to copyright claim or is deleted by the uploader. ”

    Can you reupload the file pls? I need it! T_T

  8. its not working on windows 7?

    its always said “unable to write C:/programfile/valve/left4dead2/final”

    can anyone know how to fix this pls..tnx

  9. Hey can anyone help me on my retarted question xD

    its like a reply on this too

    “Download it. Unzip the files. Then copy them out and replace the existing files in the installed folder.”

    where do i put the files? installed folder you mean the left 4 dead 2 folder? or the left 4 dead 2bin folder xD sorry for the bullshit retard questions like Danny xD hehe please reply ^^

  10. darn, this patch just made the CTD worser, not a minute will pass and it will crash.. someone would like to suggest something proper?..

  11. @Jayce: damn it works!!!! ahaha thank u very much. More power! what a genius! :))\

    From Malabon City, Philippines

  12. Heya man! My problem is, that i always crash when i die (mainly from the witch) or when the level is succesfully finished. It goes back to the desktop with no message. Will this fix that problem too?

  13. BS ***NOT WORKING*** … IT MADE MY PROBLEM WORST… i can play the game before this patch.., and now it crashes after the intro… TNX MAN…

  14. i already use this patch & it’s really work..!!


    no trainer or cheat can be used in this game, is it bcause the patch? so the game is not “pure” anymore..

  15. if you find text “unable to write C:/programfile/valve/left4dead2/final”, maybe this game not compatible with your OS (Windows 7 or Vista), no problem, you just follow my step:
    1. click right mouse >> Properties
    2. comatibility >> checklist (v) “Run this program in compatibility mode for:”
    you can choose Windows XP Service Pack 2 or Windows XP Service Pack 3
    3. apply
    4. enjoy your zombies

  16. After the Intro vid it says “left4dead2 Has Stopped working,windows is searching for a soluton” i wait and it says it will notify me..its been 2 moths. HELP!!!!!

  17. works … but i kinda have a theory … I think it only works for people w/ +8 Time Zone (since the patch is from china) … (also noticed that some illegitimate L4D2 installers require you to change your time zones [mine does]) … so yeah … thats just my theory …

  18. i tried to replaced the files in l4d2 with the files from the patch, but 3 of the files from the patch coulnt be replaced. can someone help me??

  19. It worked thank you very much. you just download the patch and extract it into the game directory and it works. Thanks again.

  20. tnx men it really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really WORKS !!!!! im playing like sh*it and my eyes is hurt bot theres no CTD :DDDDDDD

  21. Thank God, it works! Thank you, man! I really thought there would be no possible solution in my problem. I’m using Razor L4D2 (I know, I’m a shitty pirate or whatever :P) and it kept on crashing but thanks to this patch, I was able to play the game with no CTD for quite a while (although I’ve just played for 10 mins or less) but really, it works!

  22. when im playing it crash but before it crash it will laaaaaaaaaaaag ang after that it will crash and it sayas “APPCRASH”
    “bla bla bla ”
    how to fix it???

  23. cenematic view of l4d2 appear when i open the game….. after finishing that scene i got a error that the server could not be load plz update the emulator……… what to plz help


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