MachDesk MD34 Dual Performance Gas Spring Monitor Arm Review – Rock Solid & Highly Flexible!

Effortless gas spring design, built-in cable management, 180° screen rotation, compatible up to 32″ monitor screen size, fits most curved and flat monitors, detachable VESA plate and so on… Don’t forget about its 2 years warranty too. Yes, you can enjoy these wonderful features on MachDesk MD34 Dual Performance Gas Spring Monitor Arm. Is this the best way to attach dual monitors? Let’s find out now…

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Package Content & Design
MachDesk MD34 came in a big and heavy package. Rest assured that everything is well protected. Take your time to unbox it. And do be careful when taking out and untying the monitor arm.

Outstanding build quality with rock solid aluminum body. Heavy in weight due to that too. This is what it look like when take out from the box. Compact with V shape and highly flexible thanks to gas spring design.

Alright, here are the included screws and accessories. As you can see, they are labelled well. And this helps a lot during installation. Yes, just following the installation manual will do.

Here are the clamp and plastic rear tool holder that acts as cover for cable management too.

Detachable VESA plates for both 75×75 and 100×100. Be sure to keep the TOP wording as the top part. Else you can’t install the plate into the arm holder.

Lastly, the installation manual let you get started. Simple and easy to understand with all the steps by steps pictures guide.

Have a closer look at the upper arm with the monitor holder. This is where the gas spring located. By default, the gas spring is quite loose out of the box. Therefore, you need to tighten it after installed the monitor. Else it won’t have enough strength to lift up the monitor. Do take note…

The other side of view with MachDesk wording. By the way, the bottom part is a removable plastic cover for cable management. It is available on the lower part of the arm as well.

Have a closer look at the monitor holder. It supports 90° tilt and swivel adjustment. As well as 90° monitor rotation. You can loosen and tighten it by the way. In short, highly flexible!

Lastly, this is the solid base that holds everything including your precious monitors. By the way, make sure that the desk that you going to install is very solid as well. Else it won’t be able to hold both monitors firmly with that small base. Do take note…

Performance Result
It’s time for installation. MachDesk MD34 supports monitors with VESA 75×75 and 100×100. However, the VESA plate comes in one size that fits well on VESA 100×100 only. For example, Xiaomi 24.5″ monitor that I have can’t install the plate directly due to the monitor design itself. So additional screw holders (provided by Xiaomi) are needed. Do take note…

For VESA 100×100 monitor, you should not have this kind of issue at all. The plate will fix to the monitor well. And hold it strong. As you can see, there is a lock to hold the monitor. You need to pull the release lock before removing the monitor from the holder. So not to worry your monitor will drop off on 90° portrait mode.

MachDesk MD34 supports monitor sizes from 17″ to 32″. And from 1kg to 9kg on each arm. Can be installed in 2 methods – clamp and grommet modes. Pick the one that suits your desk. For my example, I am using clamp installation. One 24.5″ monitor and another 27″ monitor are being used here. Both are on landscape mode right now.

As I mentioned, MD34 arm is very flexible. My 27″ LG monitor is on portrait mode now. And MD34 is holding it firmly. You can place both monitors side by side. Or even top and bottom mode for 24″ and smaller sizes.

As you can see from the picture below, the right arm is on the highest position while the left one is on the lowest. 27″ monitor is slightly bigger so I can’t demo the top and bottom mode. But you can so with two 24″ monitors. Quad monitors mode with 2 MachDesk MD34.

Easy and effortless! Rock solid and holding firmly. On top of them, you can have more space on your desk to put other stuff like mine. Or keep it clean and minimalist. Totally up to you…


  • Rock solid & firm holding
  • Highly flexible arms
  • 17″ to 32″ monitor size support
  • 1kg to 9kg support
  • Outstanding build quality
  • Built-in cable management
  • Stylish design


  • None from me

Don’t limit yourself with a fixed monitor stand. Upgrade to MachDesk MD34 now. It comes in 2 models – single and dual monitor performance gas spring monitor arm. Have a better and correct viewing angle from now on. Get yours at Shopee or Lazada. More places to buy with this link.


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