Magnetic Car Fuel Saver Preview

Magnetic Car Fuel Saver ~ saves on fuel and money? My friend recommended me to use this car fuel saver during petrol price spiked like hell. So I ordered 2 car fuel savers to test. It just arrived last month. The petrol price already back to normal rate. Am I too late to install this car fuel saver?

Magnetic Car Fuel Saver

Benefits of this car fuel saver

1. Guaranteed mileage improvement
Travel 10% – 20% MORE for the same amount of petrol. Time to save some serious money, and even more when fuel price increases!

2. Increased horsepower (power booster)
Expect extra punches of a-few-more horsepower for that easy overtaking and hill climbing experience.

3. Reduced visible black smog and toxic gas emission (save our world)
About 50% REDUCTION in toxic gas (carbon monoxide – CO), smog (nitrogen oxide – NOx) and hydrocarbons (HC) emission from vehicles.

4. Smoother engine operation (less vibration & noise)
Get back the power especially in cold morning drive. Feel a remarkable reduction in jerking as smoother power is delivered.

5. Easy engine startup
The most immediate sensation to be experienced → easy engine startup.

6. Cleans your engine
Amazingly cleans carbon depositions in the fuel line, carburetor/fuel injectors and engine that has been built-up over the years. Depending on engine conditions, this can take between 500km to 2,000km of “driving-in” time. This results in higher fuel economy and restoring the engine like brand new.

The Car Fuel Saver

Is this car fuel saver going to help to save my money on petrol? Will all these benefits mentions above true? Stay tuned… I will test it out and let you all know.


  1. hope to see your test result… I very interested to know this kind of product really help or not.

    honestly, i not really believe all this kind of stuff, may be my thinking is different. If this kind of product really works, Why not those big car manufacture like BMW and Benz buy this technology and install in their product, with the proven result, they can sell their product higher price.

  2. Sounds good to me. This might be true on their promises but they never say the down side of using such products. Big companies optimize their cars for specific purpose so if you pick a vehicle that’s already giving the max miles per gallon will have the less effect on using this product. Just my guess, let us know the fact.

  3. firstly…watch where u put that thing on the fuel hose. it’s plastic, extreme heat is gonna melt those plastic secures.

    second there are lots of brand out there, some u practically let ur fuel line go through them to magnetically charge the fuel atoms or something like that.

    some stuff to watch out for. Your car is tuned by the manufacturer to perform at it’s peak and safety. Modifying your car could cause lots of problems for you when u need to claim warranty or even your insurance.

    and about fuel saving that is VERY hard for you to justify for several reasons. Driving conditions. Unless u can drive the same way all day for 2-3 tanks of fuel, ur not going to be able to fairly justify the fuel saved. This includes air temperature, tyre pressure and even wind conditions.

    To keep your car fuel efficient, you don’t really need all these gadgets tbh. Your daily or weekly routine will actually do more in the long run.
    Check your air filter when it’s due. A clogged up air filter will cause ur car to use more fuel just to perform. Try stuffing ur nose with a wool cloth and breath. Same concept. you use more energy just to do your daily routine.
    Keep your tyres properly inflated. Under-inflated tyres will cause more drag (not to mention dangerous to drive with), which yields more fuel consumption
    Check your engine oil. Dirty or old engine oil will cause more friction for your engine, not to mention it doesn’t protect your engine that well either.
    if the air isn’t that bad, don’t use your a/c. A/C will cause ur car to use more fuel too, BUTTTT this is usually hard to do unless u live up in cameron or something. So service your a/c regularly. it’s just like your home a/c. if u don’t, it consumes more electricity just to power it. In your car’s case, it uses more power to spin the a/c cooler’s fan to cool ur car. For this, you could also use UV protection screens for your windsreen and windows, thus keeping temperature in your car at more controlled levels for longer times.
    think that’s all i can remember for now *rant off*

  4. oh and a quick note for those who installed those fuel saving gadgets in your fuel line, remember to replace them and not to metino your fuel hoses.
    replacing them because of carbon build up! OH YEA one more thing u could do is after oil changes, do remember to put some engine cleaner solution into your fuel tank(when it’s almost empty then only fill up your tank, i usually just do it at the gas station). Carbon build up in the gadget will be like cholestrol build up in your veins, less and less gas will go to your engine, thus ur engine will under-perform.

    replacing hoses is due to wear and tear. if it wears enough it’ll give u a bad enough fuel leak to scare the crap out of u. worst case, engine goes boom but that usually only happens when u ignore the fuel smell in your engine compartment for long periods.

  5. oo another thing (man i’m so bored at work lol), the way u drive. speeding = more fuel consumption duhhhhhhhhhhh slamming breaks = more fuel consumption (why?) cause u need to use more gas getting back to that speed that u want, instead of just maintaining it.

    driving 0-60 in 4 seconds might make u look cool but it’s not cool for your wallet. consumes lots of fuel.

    the next time u travel outstaion, try this if u dont’ believe me. Stay within the speed limit as much as u can on the highway without slowing down and gaining speed real quickly. i did penang -> kl -> penang in 1 tank full for a 2.0 civic in about 4 hours including potty break.

    hope this helps 😀

    if u all got any fuel saving tips please do share lol

  6. I have tried one before. It looked like no different to my car. Now I am using NGV. Good in cost saving. Saving about 65% and above compare to recently new fuel price. Pick up a bit sluggish. But… no problem la… As long as the car can move ma… I am using 2K CC car fyi.

  7. Hi,
    It was interesting to read through what had been posted here since Jan 09. But it ended too quickly in Nov 09 when Jaycee mentioned that he wasn’t selling. But did I arrive at this page too late?

    I used to be sceptical regarding fuel savers until we invented a few ourselves…my bro and I. We have 3 types of fuel savers and we sell them to our clients at our tiny car repair workshop. Anyone interested in my fuel savers may write me at



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