Matr1x Kernel for Nexus 4

Listen… Listen… Listen… Are you ready for Matr1x kernel for Google Nexus 4? Matr1x Kernel is based on Linux kernel version 3.4.0 and built with GCC 4.7 from Google. You can install it on Android 4.2.1 and 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. And rest assure that it is loaded with lot of features and goodies. No more washout display colour as it is tweaked by default. Check out below feature list to find out more.

Matr1x Kernel for LG Nexus 4

Matr1x Kernel Features

  • Voltage Control Interface
  • Gamma Control Interface with PA tweaked colors
  • FauxSound
  • Speaker amp control
  • Accuracy Filter Control
  • GPU OC to 487.5 Mhz
  • Thermal tweaks
  • UV by 100mV for all frequencies and cores
  • SIO, ROW and FIOPS I/O Schedulers
  • Touch screen improvement tweaks
  • Reduced msm_hsic_host wakelock duration
  • Thermald and mpdecision removed
  • Various performance tweaks
  • CPU Voltage table for “faster” binned chips
  • 288 Mhz frequency for better battery when idle
  • Fast Charge
  • BLX
  • Sweep2Wake
  • Sweep2Wake gestures
  • PGM support
  • ARM hotplug driver with min_online_cpus value

Installation guide ~ How to install custom kernel on Nexus 4?

Download Matr1x Kernel for Nexus 4 here.


  1. Currently im using Franco kernel. Im want to switch to matr1x do i simply flash the matr1x kernel or is there any extra step i have to do ?


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