Maxis WiFi Modem (E5832) Software Tour ~ Maxis10

It is very simple to get connected to Internet with Maxis WiFi Modem (E5832). Power on it and you are ready to surf the Internet. There are 2 methods to connect to the modem. USB method is good for computer without wireless card. And Wi-Fi connection method is good for laptop, netbook, iPad and smartphone. That’s it. You are able to access Internet now. However, a tech person like me does not stop here. I like to play around with settings especially those advanced settings…

Maxis Broadband Connection Manager Page

Maxis Broadband Connection Manager Page is the only place that you can change the all the modem settings. There are Basic Status, Quick Setup, Connection, Advanced Settings and Security. You can get information like assigned IP address, data sent, received and connected duration details. Change user password, PIN code and reboot modem. Select preferred connection mode like WCDMA Only. Change DHCP settings, WLAN settings and 802.11 authentication modes like open, share or WPA-PSK. MAC address filtering can be set to disable device with certain MAC address from using the modem. Finally, security settings to configure firewall switch, LAN IP filter, virtual server, special applications, DMZ settings and UPnP settings. By the way, don’t mess around with these settings if you don’t have certain networking knowledge.

Maxis Broadband Connection Manager Application

Maxis Broadband Connection Manager is the software that will install automatically to your PC when you connect through USB cable. You cannot configure modem settings from here. But you can access to SMS function. Yes, you can send and receive SMS with this device. Access to SIM card contact with its Phonebook function. And Statistics page like above screenshot.

Well, that’s all for the software part of Maxis WiFi Modem (E5832). Maxis wireless broadband connection speed test is coming out next…


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