Meet Adonit new stylus – Mark & Switch

Hey guys, check out the latest stylus from Adonit. They are Mark and Switch. Mark is the essential stylus for writing and drawing on any touchscreen. With Mark, you get a smudge-free experience that looks and feels a touch above the rest. Switch is a precision stylus with a ballpoint pen for writing and drawing on tablet or paper. Get best of both worlds and the freedom to write or draw on whatever moves you.

Mark features a triangular, anti-roll design crafted with anodized aluminum that stays put and feels natural in your hand. And gives you the precision to do what fingers can’t. From everyday navigation to more intensive tasks, Mark lets you write and draw with ease.

The dampening disc tip and the 0.8mm ballpoint pen on Switch deliver a remarkably smooth writing experience on screen or paper. Crafted with anodized aluminum, Switch offers a durable, sleek body that looks as good as it feels. Switch is your all-in-one multimedia tool. Bring your tablet to its full potential and your ideas to paper with just a twist.

More information can be found at Adonit Website. You can get yours there too.


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