Microsoft Facebook Client 1.2 ( for Windows Mobile

HTC HD2 has Facebook mobile client built in but it is not the latest version. Microsoft Marketplace has the latest version for Windows Mobile. Other platforms already got version 1.2. I installed this so called latest version on my HTC HD2. Hoping to get a better performance in viewing photo. But I was wrong. The same slowness still can be found in this version. The Windows Mobile loading icon keeps showing while loading photo sometimes. I rather use HTC Album to view Facebook photo. It is faster. And do the rest like view status update, news feed, people info in this Facebook mobile client.

By the way, you will notice there is lot of folders pop up on HTC Album after you wondering around Facebook photo. It has image cache. The image cache folder is located at your device storage but you can change to Storage Card if needed. Just edit HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Facebook\ImageCache -> path to the location that you want. And use this guide to hide these folders with pictures from HTC Album.

With HTC HD2 large screen, I seldom use Facebook client. I login to Facebook directly with Opera browser. How about you?

Download Microsoft Facebook Client 1.2 ( cab here.


  1. Fim mosko is very dysfunctional with chatting. it doesnt work on my HTC Vario no matter how hard I try. the software needs to be resolved. And is there any other facebk chat app for windows mobile I can try? thanks.


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