MINIX NEO U9-H had an OTA early this month but was pulled out due to some technical issue. So here is another one for you and me – FW004A (20170412). You should be getting it by now. As I mentioned, no worry about MINIX support. The major fix of this firmware – system brightness issue. Yes, that’s all of us are waiting for. And there are some new stuffs and several bugs fixed. Do check out the change log to find out more…

MINIX NEO U9-H FW004A (20170412) change log:

  • Fixed the system brightness issue
  • Added new Samba server function (Run -> \\your U9-H’s IP)
  • Added 1080p resolution support for web camera
  • Temporarily disabled the HDMI spoofing feature (we’re re-developing a bug-free approach)
  • Fixed write/delete permission issues of some apps (e.g. Solid Explorer)
  • Fixed a bug when using 128/256GB TF card
  • Fixed some Daydream related bugs
  • Fixed a bug that Bluetooth re-enabled itself during each boot cycle
  • Fixed an .avi video playback issue
  • Added Celsius/Fahrenheit option to MINIX launcher
  • Added Wi-Fi/Ethernet shortcuts to MINIX launcher
  • Fixed audio passthrough issue of FW004

There is full system image with USB flashing tool as well. And flashing guide too. Do visit MINIX Forum to grab them if OTA is not your cup of tea.


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