MMTaskManager v1.6 ~ a simple task manager for Windows Mobile

(M)aximus (M)obile TaskManager (MMTaskManager) is a small and simple task manager that allows you to easily and quickly switch between current running applications. It allows you to close any selected application or all applications. It also reports how much memory each of the application uses to see which application takes up the most space in memory. And display the total amount of memory your device has as well as available memory…

MMTaskManager v1.6

MMTaskManager v1.6 is a great alternative task manager for Windows Mobile. However, I failed to launch it by pressing on the first 1/3 of the top taskbar (might be conflicted with other apps / mods that I install). But no problem by launching it with long press send (call) key. But another issue that I notice… The application memory usage might not be accurate also. I have 184MB free memory with no application running. And launch only Opera Mobile which use 1MB memory but the free memory already drop to 155MB. Hmm… What is going on here? Those memories are used for cache?

Download MMTaskManager v1.6.100408 here.


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