motley kernel for Nexus 4

Google Nexus 4 is running smoothly on stock settings. However, it can be better by using custom kernel. Motley kernel for Nexus 4 is one of the custom kernels out there that you can try. Here are a few highlights of Motley kernel ~ CPU overclocking, voltage control, screen colour and gamma control. Of course, there are more useful features. Just take your time to explore them one by one.

motley kernel for Nexus 4
_motley kernel for LG Nexus 4

motley kernel Features

  • Highly customizable with scripts
  • Google 3.4 base. All stock features are of course supported (camera, NFC etc.)
  • Compiler optimizations (-O2 + others) – using 2012.12 Linaro toolchain
  • Full ramdisk install with init.d support for stock/AOSP
  • CPU Overclock steps 1.56, 1.62, and 1.67GHz
  • 304MHz lowest CPU freq step added with lower voltage than stock, since the device spends a lot of time at this frequency
  • Safe UV by default for nominal, fast, and faster binned chips
  • Voltage control
  • In-kernel auto_hotplug
  • Customized in-kernel thermal solution smart scaling, dynamic polling, and configurable throttle temp.
  • Custom PowerHAL module (spam-free Android log from PowerHAL events)
  • Controllable touchboost frequency and duration
  • Gamma control
  • Fsync control
  • USB Force Fast Charge
  • I/O schedulers – SIO (optimized), deadline (optimized), row, cfq, noop, and fiops
  • TCP Congestion Control (several choices available)
  • Governors – Interactive (default), OnDemand, PowerSave, Conservative
  • CIFS, NFS, NTFS r/w, TUN – built-in, no need for any kernel modules
  • Other misc patches and tweaks
  • GPL compliant

Installation guide ~ How to install custom kernel on Nexus 4?

Download motley kernel for Nexus 4 here.


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