New Clash of Clans multiplayer matchmaking suck?

New Clash of Clans multiplayer matchmaking suck big time? Yes and no. The change – you will get multiplayer opponents that are at or near your town hall level, regardless of trophy count. For example, Town Hall level 9 player in the Gold league will be very likely to find opponents at town hall levels 8 to 10 who are also in the Gold league. The good side – you don’t have to press next button so much in order to find bases with much resources since their town hall level is about the same as yours. Better loot, right? The bad side – farmers who stay low trophy count to avoid attack from high level player will be easily found and destroyed. And you will get attacked immediately once you get offline just like sub 200 trophy levels.


Yup, I got zapped for dark elixir or town hall sniped right after log off. This does not happen on previous multiplayer matchmaking system as I am TH10 on Gold III. This is the place where mostly town hall 7-9 stay. And have inactive bases from time to time. However, most of the inactive are gone on this trophy range now. Maybe I need to go up or drop down to find a better place to loot.

As for trophy pushing, trophy cup reward seems lower for revenge from I read. Anyway, I am not going to do so anytime soon. Therefore, this does not bother me at all.


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