New HTC One X system update 1.29.707.11 OTA for Asia

Finally, HTC One X gets 1.29 system update OTA in Asia region now. Thanks Zul and Sunny for the tips. HTC One X users in Asia with HTC One X Software number 1.26.707.2 and 1.28.707.10 should receive system update notification anytime soon. Several Singapore and Malaysia HTC One X users confirmed and upgraded to 1.29.707.11 system update through OTA. Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines HTC One X users should get it too soon. What are the new improvements and bugs fix? Well, the HTC One X SD storage issue that I hated most seem to be solved already. But it still have 1033 MB being used as System data. Will monitor if it increases size or not. However, this 1.29.707.11 system update does not solve HTC One X Bluetooth connectivity issue. I am still facing songs skipping, get disconnected and signal loss issues.

HTC One X system update 1.29.707.11 OTA for Asia

Still didn’t receive 1.29.707.11 system upgrade notification? No worry, you can update it manually. Just go to Settings – About – Software updates. Select Check now. You should get latest system update just like above screenshot. Enjoy latest HTC One X system update 1.29.707.11 OTA for Asia.


  1. I’m also facing the same problem. unable to update. I did unlock my bootloader. I try using CWM to select the file and doesn’t work either way.

  2. Probably Jayce can try to monitor under safe mood:-
    First verify that Fast Boot is not enabled, select Settings >Power > Make sure Fast Boot is not selected. To enable safe mode:
    1. With the device turned off.
    2. Press the power button.
    3. Once the device turns press and holds the volume down, once you see the splash screen.
    4. Press and hold thevolume down button (DO NOT RELEASE THE VOLUME DOWN).

    You will know it has worked because the device will give a brief vibrate or 3 quick vibes. Once it loads you will see on the “Safe Mode” on the bottom left of the screen. This disables all 3rd party apps and drivers from launching. Use the phone normally for 24-48 hours like this. Do not use 3rd party apps or install from the market or the test will be inconclusive.
    If the issue will not occur under safe mode, please uninstall the 3rd applications.
    If you try the hard reset but still no avail, we would suggest that you may send your phone to your local service center for further assistance.

  3. first download ruu based on regional of your htc then relocked your bootloder .. (warning need your 100 % battery life for optimum and safer flashing) follow on screen instruction .. after finish flashing do not root your phone yet .. download the update bla bla bla … root your phone … finish credit to xda

  4. Just updated mine – it’s awesome!
    On April I mentioned that the 1.28 update made my device crash every time the sound via any application was used without speakers/earphones.
    Well, not anymore!

  5. There is no integrated call recording compatibility provided by HTC one x. And I’ve tried at least 10 different call recording apps from Android market but none of them worked. Have idea to solve it or face the same problem?

  6. Hi Jayce. I would like to buy an HTC One X but before I do, I need some advice. Can you send text messages to large numbers of people, maybe even the entire phonebook, at once without creating groups?

  7. The international version of the HTC One X is getting an over-the-air update bringing it to Android 4.0.4 and updating its Sense UI to 4.1.!!!!!!!!!!
    hv u got dat????????

  8. Jayce Hello, I’m from Argentina and I have a One x firmware 1.29.751.12 and find no guide to root without unlock bootloader appreciate any help or advice in this regard. From already thank you very much for your help.

  9. Hi Jayce, this version of firmware can not unlock the bootloader through htcdev this requires root to get the cid posteriomente edit to allow you to unlock by htcdev. My question is how to be root for this version as those in xdadevelopers I worked. Greetings and from already thank you very much.

  10. Sir i just have a question. I have HOX middle east,everything on stock and i have J_15 CID, if i install RUU from europe (which supports J_15), will i be able to receive new OTAs after that or no? thanks a lot..

  11. can some one pls make a backup of 1.29.751.12 ruu and upload it….i rooted my phone and i cant cm back 2 stock cos i dnt have d mentioned ruu version and i cant gt it frm nywer….so pls sm1 help


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