New HTC One X system update 1.29.707.11 OTA for Asia

Finally, HTC One X gets 1.29 system update OTA in Asia region now. Thanks Zul and Sunny for the tips. HTC One X users in Asia with HTC One X Software number 1.26.707.2 and 1.28.707.10 should receive system update notification anytime soon. Several Singapore and Malaysia HTC One X users confirmed and upgraded to 1.29.707.11 system update through OTA. Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines HTC One X users should get it too soon. What are the new improvements and bugs fix? Well, the HTC One X SD storage issue that I hated most seem to be solved already. But it still have 1033 MB being used as System data. Will monitor if it increases size or not. However, this 1.29.707.11 system update does not solve HTC One X Bluetooth connectivity issue. I am still facing songs skipping, get disconnected and signal loss issues.

HTC One X system update 1.29.707.11 OTA for Asia

Still didn’t receive 1.29.707.11 system upgrade notification? No worry, you can update it manually. Just go to Settings – About – Software updates. Select Check now. You should get latest system update just like above screenshot. Enjoy latest HTC One X system update 1.29.707.11 OTA for Asia.