New Samsung Galaxy S3 XXALF6 Firmware Upgrade for XXALE8 (Malaysia)

Yeah… Samsung Galaxy S III users in Malaysia will be happy because there is a new firmware upgrade for you and me. XXALF6 Firmware is the one. It is still based on latest Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich. Both modem and CSC were upgraded to DXLEA and OLBLE6. What are the changes or any new improvements? As usual, Samsung did not provide a change log. So no idea. Let me know when you find out…

Samsung Galaxy S3 XXALF6 Firmware

No worry if you did not receive OTA notification about this upgrade. Just go to Settings – About device – Software update – Update ~ Check for updates. If still no update available for you, no worry. You still can try to get it with Samsung Kies.

Enjoy new Samsung Galaxy S3 XXALF6 Firmware…


  1. After the OTA, now Kies say This device does not support software upgrade thru Kies.. Is everyone having the same issue?

  2. I updated my S3 and i feel my phone is bit lagging. Any idea why? I tried factory settings but still the same. Any tips plz?

  3. Hi Jayce,

    While upgrading the firmware via Kies, on my new 16 GB SGS3 it pops up a message saying that I need 3,000 MB free space, although I have used few 100 MB’s on my SGS3. Any solution?


  4. i got rooted my S3, stil maintaining stock rom, update prompt me, after downloading the updates, install failed- due canoot read signature… πŸ˜€ any idea?

  5. Dear Jaycee,

    I have experienced an issue with the Samsung S3 recently. It is regarding the spellcheck.
    Whenever I typed “i” in front of a word, it becomes capitalised.
    Let me try to explaIn the best I could. For example, when I type “The brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”, and I missed out the word “quick” in front of “brown”, I will place the cursor in front of “brown” and type “quick”, the “i” becomes capitalised and becomes “qulck” . This is frustrating as at times I need to key in missing words. I have tried on another Galaxy S3 and this is the same. I have tried on Galaxy Note and it has no problems.

    I would appreciate if you or other forummer have the same issue.

    Would like to know how to resolve it.


    • Hi mighty, please report to Samsung Support. This is a bug. Same issue here too. Let’s make enough noise to make Samsung fixes it ASAP. πŸ˜‰

      Temp solution – turn off Predictive text.

      • Hi Kaylee, just to inform you the latestupdate will resolve the spelling bug. Anyway I have installed TouchPal which is a good alternative keyboard.


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