New Samsung Galaxy S3 XXBLH1 Firmware Upgrade for Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand & Vietnam

There is a new firmware update for Samsung Galaxy S III in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam region. Samsung is pushing OTA update on Samsung Galaxy S3 more frequent lately. Better than HTC which was well known for fast OTA update. I am still waiting for the latest update for my HTC One X which removes the annoying 3 dots menu soft button. Months of waiting and still nothing… Anyway, what are the new features or changes in Samsung Galaxy S3 XXBLH1 Firmware? Let’s me know after you upgraded yours.

Samsung Galaxy S3 XXBLH1 Firmware Upgrade

Did not get OTA notification about this new XXBLH1 Firmware upgrade yet? No worry if you don’t get it. Just go to Settings – About device – Software update – Update ~ Check for updates. If still no update available, try to get it with Samsung Kies. Enjoy latest Samsung Galaxy S3 firmware.


  1. Great! Will tried Kies tonight. Somehow OTA always say no update since I got the phone. Called Samsung service, and never came back with answer. Sucks!

  2. Dear Jaycee,

    i tried to update it last nite and the server was not in good condition but this morning i managed to update it but i am not sure what the difference from the previous update

  3. Thanks for the info jayce, but anyway will my warranty void if i download the firmware manually tru sammobile website and update my device tru odin? this is because i’m having trouble updating it tru kies as the server conitnually timed out. Please advise.


  4. Hi Jayce,

    any idea on the change log??? any way i have done the update via KIEs, so far i haven’t notice any changes yet.

  5. Hi Jayce,

    I’m using Galaxy S3 -> XXBLH1 Official Firmware (Singapore). I have minor wifi connection problem. For eg. It doesn’t load comments in youtube video and I have to click ‘retry’ couple of times before it connects again and loads content. It also happens in google play.

    Any idea why is this happening and suggestions to get round this?

    Also, I do not see ‘select frequency band’ option in Setting -> Wifi -> Advanced (whereas I see that option in several youtube videos). Is it only me or all XXBLH1 users face same thing?


    • Wi-Fi issue might cause by the Wi-Fi router that you connected to. If you face the same issue on other Wi-Fi router, then it might be your SGS3 issue.

      I don’t have ‘select frequency band’ option too.

  6. Hi,how do I install latest galaxy s3 firmware update for I own an export (foreign) set? I am living in singapore and the set is spain.It failed to install after about 29%.thanks.

  7. Hi thanks for the fast reply but already visited support service and could install but was inform set would lag n could hang and if that happens need to change safe if i continue to update?pls advise

  8. pls help me, i cant update my sgs3. thru OTA even in samsung kies, , what should i do, pls help anyone.. my battery is too fast to drain.thanks

  9. Hi Jayce, thanks for the great works!! I was doubtfull as the samsung service centre told me otherwise. Took your advice. Man, you were spot on. Thanks so much.

  10. hi jayce, i download already a firmware of xxBLH1, and extracted completely, and i try not once to upgrade my firmware using odin, but the problem is i cant update with odin ,i read carefully your intruction and i follow your step by step, but always odin FAILed, what can i do , pls! help me .. Thank you,…

  11. ive already tried to upgrade(update) in software update in my phone even in samsung kies, . pls give an advice sir, thank you,…

  12. Hey Jayce,

    THe thing is i am a new user of SG3. got the update today for LH1 in bahrain. i want to know is there a way to update without connecting the mob to pc. i mean its difficult to update in my slow connection..

  13. jayce sir, i tried updating through kies but it says something like your device does not supportsoftware upgrading via kies, OTA says no update available, im from philippines my baseband version is XXDHL9

  14. Hello Jayce plz help with a clink to directly download the upgrade firmware for baseband version I9300ZNMLH3

    The one I got from tge net no .tar File

  15. updating through samsung kies has borne no effect…

    the download is too slow..

    i am thinkin of downloading lh1 through odin…
    is doing so with odin legal?
    will i get further ota updates if i update this through odin?
    will it void my warrany?

    please help

  16. jayce sir, i tried updating through kies but it says something like your device does not supportsoftware upgrading via kies, OTA says no update available, i’m from EGYPT AND NOW stay IN IRAQ for three month my baseband version is XXDLH1

  17. i didn’t install any thing (just buy mobile since two month ago from iraq and go back to egypt for one month and nowadays stay in iraq again for two month)

    andorid version:4.0.4
    baseband version: I9300XXLH1
    build number: IMM76D.I9300XXBLH1

    and tried to get update through KIES and got this massage:

    says:current firmware: PDA:LH1/ Phone: LH1 / CSC: LH1 (BOG)

  18. a lot of thanks Jayce, please advise

    i’m download OTA updates from samMobile,
    How i can use it. to updata XXLH1 and XXLH3 to be able to get Jelly Bean

  19. I got a S3 as a gift from China , i am not able to use it in sg as the firmware are diff. Would like to check with you if you know of any advice or how can i reinstall the firmware


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