Official Android 4.3 Firmware for Galaxy S4 (I9500 & I9505)

Rejoice… The official Android 4.3 firmware for Samsung Galaxy S4 (both I9500 and I9505) is here. Yes, you can enjoy the latest and greatest Android 4.3 features and improvements from Samsung. However, it does bring one thing that I don’t prefer – KNOX support (which is not friendly with root access and custom modification = warranty void). So far we can’t reverse KNOX status now. The implementation is already in Galaxy Note 3 and pushing to Galaxy S4 latest firmware now. So far, India, Indonesia, Russia and Vietnam already received the update. Malaysia should come soon…

Android 4.3 Firmware for Galaxy S4

What are the improvements and new features? TRIM support will make internal NAND storage faster. Better RAM management, display colour reproduction and TouchWiz Launcher. New Samsung Keyboard, Browser, Reading Mode and Camera Firmware. And of course, KNOX Implementation too. So are you happy to upgrade?