Official Android 4.3 Firmware for Galaxy S4 (I9500 & I9505)

Rejoice… The official Android 4.3 firmware for Samsung Galaxy S4 (both I9500 and I9505) is here. Yes, you can enjoy the latest and greatest Android 4.3 features and improvements from Samsung. However, it does bring one thing that I don’t prefer – KNOX support (which is not friendly with root access and custom modification = warranty void). So far we can’t reverse KNOX status now. The implementation is already in Galaxy Note 3 and pushing to Galaxy S4 latest firmware now. So far, India, Indonesia, Russia and Vietnam already received the update. Malaysia should come soon…

Android 4.3 Firmware for Galaxy S4

What are the improvements and new features? TRIM support will make internal NAND storage faster. Better RAM management, display colour reproduction and TouchWiz Launcher. New Samsung Keyboard, Browser, Reading Mode and Camera Firmware. And of course, KNOX Implementation too. So are you happy to upgrade?


  1. Note 2, 4.3 Update.

    I would like to ask you, I have recently rooted, installed cyanogen mod on my galaxy note 2 n7100 and I was not happy with the battery life of it so I reverted it back to stock ROM 4.1.2.
    On my recovery it says there are two counts(binary) but it says that my ROM and device is official.
    I wanted to know, will I still be able to update my phone to 4.3 official with the two binary counts? Currently I am able to check for update using the Setting-About Device- Software Update. And it says that my device is installed with the latest updates.

    I hope you can clear my doubts.

  2. Hi Jayce, I would like to ask you what is the difference between ROMs in four files (PDA, MODEM…) and ROMs with all integrated in one file.

    I have read that ROMs divided in four files are more stable and can solve problems (briks, reboot…) which one-file ROM cannot solve. Why?

    Thank you in advance.

    • No different if the whole firmware consist all 4 parts too. Just to ease you when you want to install modem only instead the whole firmware.

      Firmware might not include modem, bootloader. So it might have issue when new PDA requires them.

  3. Hi , any news on 4.3 for s4 Active?Can you make review about I9295 Active ? Can you tell me where to find custom ROMs for it , I cant find anything..Thank you

  4. hello Jayce,

    I just installed 4.3 from xda russian version to my s4 with odin. Now its stuck on Samsung logo! What should i do?!

    Thank you

  5. Hi Jayce,
    Which is best and working call recorder software for HTC One X. I already tried almost all call recorders from the market, even I tried mp3 incall recorder & voice which u suggested before. But nothing worked. Plz suggest a working call recorder software for my HTC One X. Waiting for your reply……….

  6. hI Jaycee just want to ask if is it possible to change my AP: I9505XXUAMDM

    CP: I9505XXUAMDM


    Baseband Version: I9505XXUAMDM

    to its stock version so that i can update it to pur version here in the philippines/.. can you direct me to it, thanks a lot

  7. Ah i have to flash it to its orginal firmware, maybe they change it to german i think coz i need it to be openline so that i can use it on any network.

  8. hi this samad frm dubai

    this is my ssn no. -i905gsmh
    model no. i9505
    FCC no. a3lgti9505

    i like to infrm dat i install google edition( dont knw which version) n android 4.4 verion .
    now my model no. has chnge (i9505G) .
    now i want to change to my old version 4.3 n my old version n old package same like my old s4 mobile (normal) .
    pls cn u help me to do . bring my mobile bck to normal n if possible cn u gv me andrion 4.3 verion software, my old previrous version….
    i will thnk u for ur kindness n thnk u frm my hrt , nvr forget u in my life…… dat u help me…..

  9. model no. i9505
    FCC no. a3lgti9505
    i recently installed android 4.4.2 google edition on my s4 and i unknowingly deleted the backup sao i thought i can download another rom, so i downloaded android 4.3 jellybean XXUEMKF……now the problem is my device heats up very much is their any way to no which rom i installed previously with its PDA so i can download it from

  10. Hey man,
    lm not knowing how to download the firmware, cause there are two links, what should l do help me pls.

    P.s lm having a trouble in my device with videos while playing in youtube and different apps, but l was told to flash the firmware with Odin. Do u know ls this going to fix my issue?
    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚


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