Overclock Samsung Galaxy S2 CPU & GPU with Tegrak Overclock

If you are a hardcore overclocker, Tegrak Overclock is one of the apps that must install on your Samsung Galaxy S II. Tegrak Overclock is able to overclock Samsung Galaxy S2 GPU Mali-400 MP compare to SetCPU which can overclock CPU only. By the way, root access is needed.

Tegrak Overclock

Samsung Galaxy S2 GPU Mali-400 MP has 2 speedsteps at 160 Mhz and 267 Mhz. It runs at 160 Mhz most of the time and switch to 267 Mhz on 3D games when needed. However, you can force it to run at 267 Mhz all the time with Tegrak Overclock to improve 3D gaming performance. Or overclock up to 400 Mhz with Tegrak Overclock Ultimate (Note – this will fry your SGS2 GPU). Personally, I can’t feel any different in 3D games performance. But you might want to try it out yourself to find out…

Download Tegrak Overclock at Android Market here.


  1. overclocking the gpu on my amd machine killed the card due to overheating… the card had a built in fan yet it burned out due to extreme heat… for the galaxyS2 with the amazing thin formfactor this type of heat would be fatal. as jayce says above ‘this will fry your SGS2 GPU’ , my addition being use extreme caution.

  2. Are there any overclock free application that I can used for Samsung Galaxy S2 running ICS 4.0.3? What is your recommendation? Thanks.

      • I’ve found one in the in Google Play that seems to work for Samsung Galaxy S2 ICS 4.0.3. “No-frills CPU Control” and the phone must be rooted. The only issue is the Max. clock freq. cannot be set any lower than 1.0GHz as it will hang the phone or take a while to respond back. I can trottle down the Min. clock freq. to 200MHz which I am happy with it as the phone juice will last longer. Surprisingly, there is not much lagging.

  3. Hey m8

    Is there any really noticeable performance difference in games and overall performance from overclocking S2?


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