PIM Backup v2.8 ~ a tool to backup / restore personal information for Windows Mobile

PIM Backup v2.8 is a backup application that allows to backup / restore personal information stored on Windows Mobile devices. It will backup contacts, appointments, tasks, messages, calls… But no MMS support.

PIM Backup v2.8 Features

  • backup/restore appointments
  • backup/restore call logs
  • backup/restore contacts
  • backup/restore messages (SMS, Mails, …)
  • backup/restore speed dials
  • backup/restore tasks
  • backup/restore custom files

Hmm… I tested PIM Backup v2.8. And it does backup and restored 1 SMS that I deleted. Not sure that it will have Microsoft My Phone sync issue that I face last 2 weeks or not. Anyway, it is a nice handy tool in your Window Mobile phones. Just copy PPCPimBackup.exe and run it at your phone.

Download PIM Backup v2.8 here.


  1. Wow, PIM Backup seems to be a pretty cool tool for taking backups of Windows Mobile devices data. Thanks a lot for sharing this. This will help if any time my windows mobile gets any kind of error


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