PROLiNK WN2200 Wireless-N 802.11n Wireless USB Adapter Preview

PROLiNK WN2200 Wireless-N 802.11n Wireless USB Adapter is my new USB WiFi module for my dream system. My supplier gave me Wireless-N version instead of G version that matches my wireless router. Does it improve the connection with Wireless-N standard?

PROLiNK WN2200 Wireless-N 802.11n Wireless USB Adapter

Standard Network

  • IEEE 802.11b/g/n draft standard compliant USB 2.0
  • Internal fix antenna (2dBi) x 2, 2T2R (2 Transmitters & 2 Receivers)


  • Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) 64-bit, 128-bit shared-key encryption
  • WiFi Protected Access™ (WPA2-PSK, WPA-PSK), Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)


  • Supports Wi-Fi Multimedia™ (WMM) based Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Coverage Area: Up to 14 times (14x) than existing 802.11b/g
  • Frequency Range: 2.400 ~ 2.4835 GHz, Wireless-N 20MHz / 40MHz
  • Dual-Bandwidth Wireless-N 20MHz / 40MHz

Operating Channel

  • USA and Canada: 11
  • Most European Countries: 13
  • Japan: 14

Wireless Data Rate

  • 802.11b: 1, 2, 5.5, 11Mbps
  • 802.11g: 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, 54Mbps
  • 802.11n: up to 300Mbps

Transmit Power (EIRP)

  • 802.11b: 15+/-1.5dBm @ normal temp
  • 802.11g: 16+/-1.5dBm @ normal temp
  • 802.11n: 16+/-1.5dBm @ normal temp

Receiver Sensivity

  • 11Mbps @ -88dBm
  • 54Mbps @ -73dBm
  • 300Mbps @ -67dBm

Physical, Environment Specifications

  • Dimensions: 177.5 x 130 x 35 mm
  • Weight: 0.399 kg
  • Power Requirement: 5V-DC
  • Temperature: 0°C ~ 45°C (Operating); -20°C ~ 70°C (Storage)
  • Humidity: 10% ~ 90% Non-Condensing (Operating); 5% ~ 90% Non-Condensing (Storage)
Package contents

Package Contents

  • PROLiNK WN2200 Wireless-N USB Adapter
  • Driver and User Manual CD
  • USB Cable
  • Quick Installation Guide (QIG)
  • Mini USB cradle
Wireless USB Adapter
Wireless USB Adapter with Mini USB cradle


  1. Brader, you upgrading your home PC become super computer issit…haha

    So many new equipment you bought, can snap the photo of your new super computer ah…real curious leh

  2. Hmm… I don’t think that I can change the specifications and package contents of this PROLiNK WN2200 Wireless-N 802.11n Wireless USB Adapter.

    What else should I put then? Please advise. Thanks. 🙂

  3. Jayce,
    How is the performance of the PROLiNK WN2200 Wireless-N 802.11n Wireless USB Adapter compared to the normally smaller Wireless USB Adapter.

    I looks quite big and i am considering whether it is worth the bigger size vs the smaller adapter in normal outdoor wifi use.

  4. I have the Prolink WN2200 plugged into an IBM T41 in my bedroom which connects to a D-link DIR665 gigabit router located in study room. The two devices are at most 10 meters away. I am using WPA2-PSK and AES encryption for security. The signal level reported by Prolink WN2200 wireless utility is above 75% all times. Window task manager shows the link is up and running at 81/162/243mbps randomly. Below is a snapshot of data transmit and receive performance of WN2200:
    Frames transmitted successfully : 8507
    Frames retransmitted successfully: 6251
    Frames received successfully : 10949
    Frames received with CRC error : 25630
    The transmit and receive performance as reported in above is simply disappointing to me. The I/O throughput must have been reduced substantially because of high transmission and Receive error. I have no experience with other 802.11-n wireless adapter and therefore I am not in a position to do an apple-to-apple comparison with similar device.
    Till now I have not contacted Prolink for help yet.

  5. I am using the HP Presario C777TU was wondering if it would be better to buy an inbuilt minipci adapter instead.

    The reason is that the antenna on the notebook is much bigger than that of a usb adapter type. MAYBE the signal quality will be better.

    Can someone who has a inbuilt wifi confirm that and check if the “Frames retransmitted” & “Frames received with CRC error” is as bad as Julian’s

    The C777TU has 2 antenna cables and can go with Intel Wireless 3945ABG. But I wonder if i can use the Intel 4965AGN (has 802.11n), which has 3 antenna connector. I think it is 1 transmit and 2 receive antennas (1T2R). Could i just connect it as 1T1R ?

    Has anyone tried this ?

    Also the INTEL minipci Wireless adapters have different part number (for the same model no) meant for different groups of countries. Can i just ignore this and buy one of any class of countries from ebay and have it work ? Why the difference….is it different frequencies or caps on transmission levels ? Is wifi not suppose to work if you bring your notebook to any country ?

  6. @Alan: Sorry that cannot answer all your questions. Build in WiFi module is expensive than USB model. I bought USB WiFi module for laptop use. Much easier to get. 🙂


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