Redmi Note 4X Fingerprint Scanner

Yes, there is fingerprint scanner for those who don’t like to set PIN, password or pattern to unlock Android smartphone. And fingerprint sensor has become a norm for most smartphone nowadays due to privacy issue just like Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X. Besides providing the fastest way to unlock your smartphone, it can be used for other useful stuffs too. Yup, it’s to protect unknown users from accessing your important data. That’s one of them. Read on to find out more about Redmi Note 4X fingerprint scanner’s functions and usability…

You can use Redmi Note 4X fingerprint scanner as shutter button in camera. This is very useful when taking selfie. Yup, you can use index finger to reach fingerprint sensor easily and still able to hold the phone steadily to take the best selfie. Or apply fingerprint for common usage like lock screen and other MIUI supported features like privacy password and app lock.


No need to remember pattern lock in order to unlock those applications that assigned in App lock. Just use your fingerprint will do. That’s the fastest and easiest way. And you still get all your important personal data like photos, messages protected. Cool, right?


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