Redmi Note 4X Hardware Tour

Redmi Note 4X (also known as Redmi Note 4 SD) by Xiaomi is a beautiful yet budget phablet that you can get now. Yes, it has premium metal body with 2.5D curved glass as you can see. And it fit comfortably on palm thanks to ergonomic curved design. Powered by 14nm FinFET Snapdragon 625 processor and big 4100 mAh battery. 13MP CMOS camera with backside illumination (BSI) and larger pixels for amazing low-light photos. It also comes with Phase Detection Autofocus (PDAF) for 0.1s ultra-fast focusing which is especially useful for shooting moving objects. All the buttons like volume up, down and power are easy to reach even with single-hand operation. Metallic fingerprint scanner is also well placed. Don’t forget the gorgeous 5.5″ Full HD IPS display too. As usual, I will let below pictures tell you so. Enjoy the beauty of Redmi Note 4X…

2.5D curved glass for smoother swipe

Notification light, light sensor, earpiece & 5MP front camera
Noise-cancelling microphone, infrared & headset jack
13MP BSI CMOS camera, dual tone flash & fingerprint scanner
Power & volume buttons
Slots for micro SIM, hybrid microSD & nano SIM
Speaker, micro USB port & microphone
Premium metal body indeed

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Continued on Redmi Note 4X Fingerprint Scanner


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