ROM Version 1.66.707.1 Upgrade for HTC HD2

Yes… I have been waited for a new ROM for my HTC HD2. And here is it ~ ROM version 1.66.707.1. This ROM should fix all of your SMS messaging cannot send out issue (Stuck at outbox). Too bad it is still not Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5.3 or 6.6. But I can wait for it just like waiting for Windows Mobile 7.

ROM Version 1.66.707.1 Upgrade for HTC HD2

With this ROM upgrade, you don’t need to install previous hotfix like

  • Update for HTC HD2 SIM Contacts
  • Update for HTC HD2 SD Card Storage Cards
  • Update for HTC HD2 Calendar View
  • Update for HTC HD2 – Digital Picture Enhancement

By the way, make sure that you backup everything as the ROM upgrade will delete all the contains in your phone except SD card stuffs. The whole process took me around 4 minutes. Hmm… Anything new in the latest ROM? So far that I notice, there is startup sound added. Task Manager added in Start programs. Okay, back to explore the phone…

Download HTC HD2 ROM ROM Version 1.66.707.1 Upgrade South East Asia and Europe


  1. Thanks.
    To hear about this rom can display and input CHS (simplified) language. is that true, i’m waitting to upgarde my HD2 with official rom

    • The original 1.48 ROM (Malaysia edition) can view and input Chinese character already. It support traditional and simplified Chinese. Support PinYin, Stroke and Handwriting. 😉

      • mine is 1.48.479.1 ROM (europe) but it doesn’t support chinese character. is it possible for me to upgrade with asian ROM so that it supports chinese?

  2. When I try to download it with my own S.N. number, it says: “Sorry, this software download is not suitable for your device.”

    Does anybody know why it’s not suitable? My current ROM version is 1.48, straight out the store so no online update done yet.

    I really NEED this fix, cause the SMS update is deleted from the HTC site.

    THX 🙂

  3. I updated the new 1.66.707.1, but now Ican’t find my taskbar..
    usually I go to Setting > Other > Taskbar, now it’s not there anymore.
    Could u tell me where the taskbar is?

  4. what i ment to say was
    fine new rom out ,great
    just dont work with mine
    mine is uk but htc website advice
    this is not for my device
    anybody know why
    its a uk device

  5. is taskbar still works for this new ROM?
    one q, where to put my ringtones so HD2 can recognise and make it selectable?

  6. done it sod vodaphone
    hacked my device with “HSPL”
    found a serial from none vodaphone hd2
    downloaded new rom from htc
    fantastic ,it works straight away
    sms function ,now works
    new version 1.66

    • I have a telstra HTC HD2 I think its called leo T9193 or somehting like that will the rom for the standard nonbranded work on this mobile to make it unbranded or will it brick my phone, I have just downloaded using your serial number thans for it buy the way

  7. Yes. thanks for the serial!

    I am from South Africa, and our local HTC site still refers to ROM 1.48.421.2!!!

    I downloaded the sms patch now after also having problems, but I am hoping this ROM update will sort it out.

    Thanks again


  8. Hi,
    I live in sweden but i brought a HD2 from ebay. I talked to HTC and they say my phone is from south africa.
    I can’t download a rom upgrade from because it gives me an error.
    “Sorry, this software download is not suitable for your device.”

    So I used the S/N number from the previos post: HT9AZNW00968 to download it.

    If I install this update on my phone, will i brick it or will it work?
    And will it erase everything on my phone?

    Is it possible to get the new Windows mobile 6.5.3 with sense, yet?

      • hi jayce/simon,

        i’ve tried following the steps here, now my HD2 screen shows like this when i turned on;

        flash type 5510BCAD
        power reason 1


        i dont know what to do next as i cannot even used my phone anymore

        the screen will just be in white color with this messages.

        help pls.

  9. Hi there

    I downloaded the file with the serial that was given in the previous post, but it won’t load on “our” HD2’s in South Africa.

    I got hold of Leaf ( our local HTC Disti and they told me that the ROM update for our phones would be coming out now the end of Feb 2010 sometime.

    I will also start bugging them about Windows Mobile 7 which the HD2 will be getting as a free upgrade too, but this could still take a while I think.

  10. Thanks Simon

    I will however find out today from Leaf when our “”official” update will be available, as I am sure some people might be worried to flash their unit.


  11. Deric, I’m from SA and just got my HD2 for about 2 weeks now. Also tried hunting for a rom without success. I flashed the stock rom last week – no hassles. If you’re worried about the warranty, just follow the instructions in the HSPL text file to restore it. You just need to place a file in a certain place from another official rom and start up in a certain way and you;re back to normal.

    I suggest waiting for our official rom if you dont want a cooked rom. If there’s any issues with that then flash and install one of these.

    Hope this helps

    • Hi QuiXilver

      I was concerned about loading the HSPL file and having to go back to the original file, but
      Rom 1.66 is now avalable on, although the file appears to be faulty.

      I will be calling them soon and hopefully it can still be downloaded today.



      • Oh nice, I’ll check it out. Honestly I havent tried reverting but with the quality of HSPL in the past I’m sure there wouldnt be a problem and if there is, the community is so huge, someone will be able to help. And flashing it took only about 2 minutes. Just follow the instructions and you’ll be fine.

        Lol the only reason I flashed mine was to remove the crappy Vodacom startup animation and replace it with an uber cool one 🙂

  12. ROM 1.66 is officialy now on, and works perfectly.

    I loaded the ROM this evening, and the OS and ROM reads as follows:

    OS Version: 5.2.21869 (21869.5.0.82)
    ROM version: 1.66.421.1 (76641) WWE

    If I find any errors or glitches, I will post them.

    I intend on loading the various programs I had before though, such as BsB Tweaks, reset menu item, etc etc.

    Thanks to all


    • Hi Deric

      Does the ROM version: 1.66.421.1 (76641) WWE on Leaf’s site fix the SMS issue?


      • Futronix,

        Rom. 1.66.421.1 appears to have the SMS problem solved, because I have not had an SMS problem since loading the ROM. (5 days ago)

        Coincidentally, the SMS update can not be run on this ROM, since I actually did try it after the install in case and got a message back saying it is not supported, or something to that effect.

        I did not change my SPL though, so I would remove the HSPL as QuiX suggested, and only load the ROM from Leaf’s site.

        Let us know if you come right please.

  13. i went on to the leaf website, i have uk hd2, and it wouldnt do the update. did it 2% and said it couldnt do upgrade. why does all the other countries have the ROM update but uk people cant

  14. Hi Guys…

    Firstly: HARDSPL Rocks!!!
    Great Job Guys!!!!

    Secondly: Thanx For The Serial To Download European Versions!!!

    Thirdly: HTC Website: The European Version Is Still On 1.66.4* – No 1.66.7*
    Only the Asian Version is on 1.66.701

    And I Dont have a serial Number to download Asian Versions.

    Can anybody please supply an Asian HD2’s Serial Number?

    It would be much appreciated!!! As Always…

    Kind Regards To Everybody That Keeps “Open-HD2” Alive!!!

    • I’ve Got Official 1.66.405.2 on my South African HD2 – Thanx To HardSPL
      SMS’s are still not working! And it is pissing me off completely…

      Ok, on second thought, If no one can supply Asian Serial, Can Someone just please
      paste the actual download link for 1.66.701?

      Pretty Please!


  15. What’s the hurry Futronix? Anything specific that’s addressed? And I don’t understand your problem with HSPL and sms’s. what’s the issue with sms’s? Have you tried removing HSPL to see if the sms issue goes away?

    I did see a hotfix for some sms problem on the HTC site. But if you’re on 1.66.x then you don’t need the hotfix as it’s already part of the rom update.

    • Hi Quix
      No Hurry Dude, just want sms’s sorted out, and on leaf’s site I cant download the rom that Deric talked about. Some priveleges crap…

      The rom I have still has the famous sms issue, and it is irritating…

      I’ll try to get hold of the rom from LAB88 guy in Vodaworld this weekend…


      • Futronix,

        The guys from Lab88 are quite helpful, but I would let them know you coming in advance just in case they dont have the ROM update yet.

        I am not sure which “privileges” problems you referring to, but PM me on if you like, and we can chat and get it sorted quicker. I will also be in JHB in Randburg this weekend if you want me to bring a copy of the ROM with.

        • Hi Deric

          They sorted out my profile on the LEAF site and I could at last download the ROM, so everything is OK now. Been using it for about a month with no hassles.

          Thanx for the help bud!

          Keep well.

  16. OS 5.2.21869
    ROM version 1.66.707.1(76641) WWE
    ROM date 01/12/10

    i just purchased my hd2 but was disappointed to find that if i use a mp3 message tone, it will still be ringing even though i have click on the message icon and read it. If that mp3 last 4 2 mins it will keep ringing for 2 mins quite annoying. Any one has any solution to this???

    • Hi
      Ok, Firstly, mine only rings for 15 Seconds, then it goes to voicemail.
      So that measn you should either set up voicemail on your provider, or have them activate it so that it goes to voicemail after a number of rings or whatever.

      Secondly, you could trim the MP3 file so that it’s only a few seconds long, like 30 or so…

      Thirdly, when someone calls you, there is a clear button at the bottom that says “Mute Ring’. If you press that, then the sounds stops, and the person on the other end will not even know you muted the ring, and it will go it’s course.

      Hope this helps…


      • Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that there is MP3 Trim Software on the HD2. Use that or trim it with Nero’s Wave Editor or something alike…

        As far as the second option, If the file is too short then It might start from the beginning again or just go quiet depending of the settings…
        I try to make all my ringtones with a length of 30 seconds to Max 1 minute, that keeps it small and doesn’t take alot of Main Memory on the device. Also If you use only 1 ringtone, remove the others from ‘My Ringtones’ on the main memory. The more Main memory you have the better your phone will perform.


  17. Firstly thanks for your replies.
    I guess that you have misunderstand my question. I meant i used mp3 music for my text message or sms tone and hd2 kept ringing even after i had clicked on the incoming message icon and pressed the home button.(not refering to the voice call tone)

    Just to share.
    Today i plug in a sony earphone into the hd2 and the music player start to go crazy(kept skip song by song and even make a call to my friend without me touch!) I later figured out that it might me that i had plug it in too tight into the hd2 and it disrupt the hd2 circuit board.

    I also found out that you cannot set the phone to slient/vibrate mode when listening to music as it will be mute. So when you are listening to music hd2 will still ring and you cannot listen to music in slient/vibrate mode.

  18. Will this this rom work on the telstra leo T9193 branded phone to make it an unbranded phone or ill it brick the phone

  19. I am personally not familiar with the brand Telstra.

    Is it not possible to contact the manufacturer and ask them?

  20. Hi
    i need you help you guys.. i got an HD2 from my aunt in france and i want it to be in english… i downloaded a rom and its ok but the camera doesnt work and i cant see whos calling…. i tried to get an original htc rom but it eems that i cant.. please help

    email me … with a link where i can download a proper rom for my hd2 please


  21. Hi… My ROM is Europe 1.48. Now I 1 2 upgrade it to 1.66 like everyone is going about. How do I do it? HTC site says not suitable. Anything, any option?

    • Hi,

      Probably means your Unit was not manufactured in Europe, and probably somewhere else.

      You can try South Africa’s version of the ROM, since some people have been able to use that one instead.

      You can download it from here:
      You can also check if your serial number is “accepted” from:

      Otherwise, contact your local supplier where you bought your unit, and they might be able to offer you a ROM upgrade or give you the file to update it yourself.


        • Hi Nico

          Are you from South Africa?

          I will get hold of leaf and see if their site is under maintenance, but it could be that your EMEI number for your phone or something is not recognised, meaning your phone is possibly manufactured in Europe.


          • It’s ok, was my fault. I could register and are busy downloading the file. How do u install it on the phone, and is the update rom beter than the older one?

            • Nico,

              The ROM update is better yes, and is pretty basic to install.
              (You will get instructions when you run the update – just make sure you dont have any data on your phone which is not backed up, since it will format the unit)

              The ROM has some improvements, including patches to sort out eariler problems that were experienced with the sms functionality.

              I would also suggest you check out the extra addons you can get for the HD2, which will make you experience even greater.

              They are mentioned in previous posts, but the link to the site is as follows:
              (you will need to register with them to download the addons)



  22. just done the lastest rom upgrade on HTC h2 windows mobile am on t-mobile network and the twitter a softwarenot on my phone anyhere phoned HTc they say they have to investegate and will get back to me just wondering has anyone had the same experince

  23. I feel like I’m having the worst mobile phone experience ever and that maybe, I somehow got ripped.
    I m from Asia and I recently bought HTC HD2. I could not find an update for it anywhere. The version is 1.48 and model no is T-mobile_Leo.
    Why is it T-mobile and how come I am able to use it when there is no T-mobile carriers here? Does this mean someone unlocked the phone b4 selling it?
    Also, is there any updates for it?
    PLZ PLZ PLZ help me!!!

    • Hi,

      Sorry you feel this way.

      I recall reading something somewhere about the T Mobile version of HD2, and specific updates about it. I will try find it again.

      Did you buy this from a retailer, or a provider in your area though?

      Just trying to get an idea how to help.


  24. Well… I bought it from a retailer. Der is no T-mobile in my country. I asked the shopkeeper about the mobile n he said that he knows nothing about the ROM or version and that it’s his job to only sell. Damn him!
    I’m really worried that I wun b able 2 download it in anyway.
    Thanks a lot, Derick.

    • Hi,

      I went to have a look at the T-Mobile site and forums, and the general consensus I get is that their support is no so great.

      Some people have loaded the cooked ROM as mentioned in this forum, and people seem to be happy with it.

      Personally I would not do this for fear of voiding the warranty, even if you can reverse the changes.

      We too don’t have T-Mobile here, so unless you feel technically comptetent to load the cooked version of the ROM, I suggest you contact T-Mobile directly, and mention your situation and your phones serial number to them. It does not appear though that the ROM will be released soon though:

      Perhaps they can advise whether the phone is legally allowed to be sold in your country, or if it’s considered a “grey product” where you live.

      Maybe then something can be done to have the phone returned so that you can get an unbranded unit.


      • I’m using a 1.48 cooked ROM now. Does this mean I can’t update it to 1.66? Man! This sucks. Btw, can’t I juz update it 2 EUR 1.66version? LoL. Wad will hppn?
        I did lodge my complain 2 T-mobile. Let’s see how it goes.
        Thanks alot, Mr D. U’v been a great help.
        Boy, I LOVE this site. Thanks Jayce.

          • *Blush*


            No problem at all, its a pleasure to help out if I can.

            RF, since you have a cooked ROM now, I dont see a reason not to then load the 1.66 ROM, which is mentioned in previous posts.

            I would not load the official 1.66 Euro since it does mention in the download that it can have adverse effects on the T-mobile.

            So, look at the cooked ROM and let us know how it works out 🙂


  25. Ok. That T-mobile site is definitely not helping at all. Dey r asking 4 my T-mobile number when I’ve alrdy mentioned dat we dun hv deir provider in my area. Sianzzzz!
    Anyway, I checked other sites n der r people who is insisting that the version t-mobile_Leo has 512MB RAM n a 1024MB Flash ROM. I m using dat same version but no mentioned ROM/RAM. Wad a headache!!! Besides, der’s no branding anywhr on my mobile. What is da meaning of all this? Anybody wanna take my fone? I’m sick n tired of it. LoL…
    Hey guys. Sorry for flooding this blog but I certainly wanna b clear of my doubts. Hehe…

  26. Hi,

    My HTC HD2 is unable to connect to the wifi and bluetooth suddenly? Call HTC support and they recommended hard reset but problem persisted…..Any clue?

    Thanks for helping.


  27. Hi, Jayce,

    The soft and hard reset doesn’t help the issue that wifi and bluetooth are not on…..Help


  28. Hi,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I was asked to download the latest ROM and upgrade it. Do you think it will help?


  29. Hi Jayce + Deric,

    I have bought HD2 from ebay Australia. and I would plase ask you guys some questions if you dont mind.

    1) I was gonna ask about how to fix the SMS issue but as I read through above. I now trying to download 1.66 ROM from Because my device now is on 1.48 version. Hope it will fix.

    2) My device has got English and Chinese inputs come with it. Is there any possible way to get rid of Chinese in my device?

    3) lastly, could you please tell me how to organize songs properly? I normally just keep in my Musics folder( just about 4 GB, subfolders by each singer) in my Micro SD card. As I did, I have found that my HD2 went very slow especially when I tried to play music from HTC Sense and sometimes the phone has got freezed too. I believe that the device like this would be efficientcy enough to handle 4 GB mp3 songs. I just dont know how to do it correctly.

    Thanks in advance

  30. Afterall I try my best, which is quite limited, to follow what Jayce directs me to. My phone works again and it seems awesome!!

    Thank you so much Jayce. You’re the legend!!


  31. Hi Jayce,
    Knew that you are expert on the HTC HD2, would need some advise and help from, I just got HTC HD2 from US T MOBILE, and this phone is being unlocked & currently work fine on my Malaysia simcard, I would like to check with you, if I goto the HTC Malaysia site and get this 1.66 Version ROM install on my HD2, will that be any problem?

  32. I have a south asian version of HD2 recently while using the phone it reset and I have a white screen with HTC on it. Flashed the HSPL and the HD2 shows the following in bootloader

    PB81100 HX-BC
    SPL-2.08.HSPL 8G XE
    CotullaHSPL 0×30.

    The phone was upgraded to _HTC HD2_RUU_Leo_hTC_Asia_WWE_1.66.707.1_Radio_Signed_15.30.50.07U_2.06.51.07_Ship.exe. I tried reinstalling it. Everthing goes fine but gets stuck in the htc screen. I tried re-installing the radio version but even that does not seem to work and just have the htc screen.

    Any help would be highly appreciated.

      • Yes I did try installing the custom ROM. I installed the following ROM on my phone, as per your comments in one of the posts above:

        OS: Energy.Leo.21914.Sense2.5.Cookie.Aug.28

        Even after this I just get the HTC boot screen (white screen with HTC logo).

        How do I remove the HSPL? As per the threads, that I have read, installing the stock ROM would remove the HSPL, but in my case, installing the Stock ROM did not remove the HSPL.

        • I had missed one step. I flashed the stock ROMHD2_RUU_Leo_hTC_Asia_WWE_1.66.707.1_Radio_Signed_15.30.50.07U_2.06.51.07_Ship.exe (RUU_Signed.nbh renamed to LEOIMG.nbh) through the SD card successfully.
          the. bootloader after stock rom update read

          PB81100 HX-BC
          MicroP(LED) 0x05
          MicroP(TOUCH) 0x04.

          However, even with this I still get the white screen with htc logo.

          • You are back to original SPL. Try to reinstall the 1.66 ROM again. Suspect your Windows Mobile ROM is corrupted. If really cannot solve it, send back to HTC. 😉

  33. I have had this problem too.
    Error message, not suitable for my device.

    I have tried at least 8 different roms.

    When i managed to obtain it from other websites (non Vodafone and htc websites) I start to install it but then it stops with yet another eror message.

    Mine is on Vodafone, but have tried o2, t-mobile generic htc one…all failed to accept my serial number..

    Today I have managed to download it from HTC website

    Fingers crossed, am going going to try and update the rom NOW…..


  34. error for download rom update htc hd2.
    when serian number entee this error Sorry, this software download is not suitable for your device.
    help me!!!!!!!!!11

  35. helo jayce.hope u r fine.
    jayce when ever i install any shell ot chteditor on my hd2 or install any taskbar after some time the main screen seems to be slowing down i mean weather animations do not run smoothly .but as i uninstall the shells or task bar it again become u have any idea y is this so.means i cannot enjoy any colourful taskbars.plz help .current rom is 1.66.707

    • Sorry, I did not touch Windows Mobile for quite sometimes. Playing with Android nowadays. And going to install Windows Phone 7 soon… 😉

  36. Just installed WP7 on my hd2. Typing this out from the phone actually.looks snazzy.dont know how long it will remain this fast and smooth.stil prefer android on my DHD.

  37. RE: New ROM version 3.14.421.2 for HD2 South African Users.

    Hello all!

    I did not see a previous post about this, so I hope this is not a repeat.
    While browsing tonight for possible Mobile 7 availability for the HD2, I found a link on for a new ROM for South African HD2 users.

    Since I know there are a few of us on this forum, I am posting the link and info below:

    ROM Version: 3.14.421.2 (7 Feb 2011)

    The download is 185mb, and requires your units serial number.

    I am downloading it now, and will comment on the weekend about installation.

    Maybe this can keep us entertained until we hopefully get Mobile 7


    • Hi Deric how did the install go ?? i am busy downloading it now. stange thing is im trying to find out what this new rom entails ie fixes etc but cant find it anywhere , i am currently on ROm1.66 this new one is a pretty big jump !


      • Hi there Vaughan,

        I only did the upgrade on Tuesday, but here goes:

        Upgrade installed fine, no complications yet.
        The phone does seem to operate a little quicker, but I have noticed that the typing of sms’ or E-mails is tougher now, with the mis-spelling of words more often that I used to get. I might have to check if the screen is properly aligned.
        We now have an SMS confirmation each time an SMS is sent, and I can’t seem to turn this off, even if you set no sms confirmations.
        They have changed some of the menus with a thicker bold font which is fine, but the option to delete a message has moved up and they have now put forward in its place, so everytime I click to delete, I keep pressing “forward”.

        Is the ROM update worth it? I honestly don’t know yet.
        I will post again as I find more differences.

        These are the initial problems I have found, but you welcome to E-Mail me on if you want more info.


        • Hi.

          Any update about performance with this new ROM?
          I tried installing it but when i enter my serial number it tells me that this ROM is not suitable for me, any advice??
          Thanks a lot.

          • Hi

            Performance seems to be good, but the way the menu’s was edited to show there is a new update is just plain irritating, and I still run the extra addons as previously mentioned in the thread.
            I also am still not able to remove the SMS confirmation once I send an SMS.

            Waelnd, where did you get your Unit from?
            This ROM update is specifically for South African HD2 models, so it’s possible your unit requires the European ROM.

            If you not sure, PM me on with the details, and I will try find out which version you should be using.


            • Update to SMS notification on new HD2 ROM update:

              After some playing and searching on the ‘net, I finally found the right CAB file which disables the irritating SMS notification on the new ROM update.

              Since I can’t seem to upload files here, please go to the following link to get the download, or drop me a message and I will E-Mail it to you.


              Look for a post by Don_Lottariote_iii, and you will see the attachment mentione below:
              Attached Files Cloudy (1.1 KB, 420 views)



  38. Hi,
    May I have your advice.

    I live in Indonesia and use HD2 T-Mobile. The problem I have my HD2 can.t get H receiption, even I set in phone setting. In other side with the same time and location my friend have HD2 Leo Shout Asia version always get H receiption.
    In my opinion this caused different between my HD2 and my friend has.

    It is possible just upgrade ROM from Asian version to T-Mobile, HTC web corner they give warning that this ROM not suitable for T-Mobile.

    Or maybe there is another way to handle this matter.
    Many thanks.

  39. Hi
    I cannot update my radio!!!!I have and, although I followed all the steps trhough HSPL, after I have tried to setup the new radio 2.12 ecc, installation is 0% cannot move 🙁
    How can i do?
    Please, help me!!!!

  40. i have rom version 3.14. and i have a U.S version. How can i downgrade it to 1.66 so i can install HSPL3?


  42. no, i did not install those, but how can i revert to the original rom because its been like 2 days and still os still showing the htc start up screen. please i need ur help

  43. Hello,

    I have an HD2 phone that I purchase from someone in my town.
    I got a great deal on it and it is unlocked already.
    It was tmobile and I have AT&T.

    Anyway, I want to install windows phone 7 on this phone.
    It supposedly already had Windows and Andriod but if andriod was on the SD card then odds are its gone now because I took it out and put it in my Captivate.

    What I am trying to figure out is what I need to do to upgrade to Windows phone 7.

    I dont know where to get all the info on the phone to know what is in it exactly so maybe that is the place to start.

    Here is what I know…….

    PB81120 HX-B3
    SPL-2.10.0000 8G XE
    MicroP(LED) 0X 05
    MicroP(TOUCH) 0X50

    That is all I know about the phone.

    Can you please tell me what steps I need to take by installing what first second third so I dotn brick this phone????

    What is the path to take to have the latest from here?
    My point is to upgrade, See if I like Windows Phone 7 for my Business purposes and sell one of my phones depending on whether i like the captivate with Andriod or WP7 on HD2

    Much appreciated.

      • i can download any thing from the marketplace, that is bcos i cant sign in to windows live, how can i sign in to the windows live

        • Because Microsoft locks down WP7. Part of the instructions when installing WP7 on the hd2 was to unlock it. However part of that unlocking process needs you to contact Microsoft help desk to get the code.

  44. i couldnt install the 1.66 ROM from HTC says tat the file might be ter any other solutions?my current ROM is 3.14.i need it to install the NAND Android on HTC HD2 with ClockworkMod Recovery.


  45. Error happen
    Read below for more information

    Error Description: USB init failed
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (723)

    can help me, where I’m wrong, because this error appears, according to the network installation in the last tutorial, when I ask to install the android ……

  46. Hey Jayce… I have a HD2 T-Mobile USA with 3.14 rom on it… I can’t find a 1.66.531.1 ANYWHERE!! I just want to downgrade so I can put Windows 7 on it…. PLS HELP!

  47. greetings! im having a prob and i need help as i browsed through the comments here, i got stuffs to try for the ROM upgrade .. im having HTC HD2 with ROM 1.66.XXX , i went to htc website and clicked my region, for i lived in saudi arabia and the place where i bought this phone is here as well, the thing is, it still says INVALID S/N..

  48. hey jayce,
    I am getting this error on HTC’s website.
    “Sorry, the page you’re looking for can’t be found.”
    now how can i get the ROM update for my HTC HD2 T8585 (ROM Version: 1.66.405.2)?

  49. Hello, you already have the ROM’s newest Android 4.0 I install on my htc hd2, how can I install

  50. Kindly advise if I can change my T-Mobile HTC HD2 to Windows Phone the config is as mentioned herein below;

    OS Version: 5.2.21913 (21913.5.0.94)

    Manila Version

    ROM Version
    3.14.531.1 (04666)WWE

    ROM Date

    Radio Version

    Protocol Version
    Bootable Details

    PB81120 SS-B3
    SPL-2.10.0000 8G XE
    MicroP(LED) 0x05
    MicroP (TOUCH) 0x50

  51. I was sent a samsung version wireless phone, model SCHi770, SKU SCHi770DBV, FCC ID A3LSCHi770, HEX A0000014A6273D from USA to Nigeria.
    I need to use it in Nigeria but i could not upgrade or degrade to enable use it in Nigeria. Please how will i go about it.
    You quick response will highly appreciate.
    Agho Nosakhare

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