ROM Version 1.66.707.1 Upgrade for HTC HD2

Yes… I have been waited for a new ROM for my HTC HD2. And here is it ~ ROM version 1.66.707.1. This ROM should fix all of your SMS messaging cannot send out issue (Stuck at outbox). Too bad it is still not Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5.3 or 6.6. But I can wait for it just like waiting for Windows Mobile 7.

ROM Version 1.66.707.1 Upgrade for HTC HD2

With this ROM upgrade, you don’t need to install previous hotfix like

  • Update for HTC HD2 SIM Contacts
  • Update for HTC HD2 SD Card Storage Cards
  • Update for HTC HD2 Calendar View
  • Update for HTC HD2 – Digital Picture Enhancement

By the way, make sure that you backup everything as the ROM upgrade will delete all the contains in your phone except SD card stuffs. The whole process took me around 4 minutes. Hmm… Anything new in the latest ROM? So far that I notice, there is startup sound added. Task Manager added in Start programs. Okay, back to explore the phone…

Download HTC HD2 ROM ROM Version 1.66.707.1 Upgrade South East Asia and Europe