How to root MINIX NEO U9-H?

Yes, there is a way to root MINIX NEO U9-H now. Thanks to MINIX Forum member, tomeeli for coming this wonderful guide to root MINIX NEO U9-H. Most of my smartphone will have root access for the most useful stuff – AdAway. And other more. But I don’t care much about root access on Android TV box when use it mostly for movie and games sometime. How about you?

How to root MINIX NEO U9-H?

  1. Download TWRP (link) and SuperSU (link).
  2. Copy them to micro SD card (root level without any folder).
  3. Power off your U9-H, insert the micro SD card.
  4. Press and hold the recovery button inside the small hole on the bottom of the U9-H.
  5. Power on it while holding the recovery button. Hold the Recovery button until the TWRP logo shows.
  6. Allow write access in TWRP (it automatically pops up).
  7. Using a mouse (or A3 remote) to select “Install”.
  8. You may have to change storage to external_sd using the “Select Storage” button.
  9. Select and install.
  10. After installed, just reboot your U9-H.
  11. That’s it.

Note – Warranty is void if product has been modified, altered, rooted or repaired without prior authorization by MINIX.


  1. I got the same screen and twrp appears when i just hold the power button for 7 seconds. Not messing with the hole at all. I got root that way but a lot apps crashing so i restored it.


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