Samsung Galaxy Note 2 battery life test

How is Samsung Galaxy Note II battery life? Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is loaded with 3,100 mAh Li-ion battery. Large for a phone but small for a tablet. Does it have enough to power its 5.5″ HD Super AMOLED screen and Exynos 4 quad core processor? Since Samsung Galaxy Note 2 sits between a phone and a tablet ~ phablet, it should be enough juice for whole day usage, right? Let’s find out…

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 battery life

Detailed battery usage
Screen time on

Wow… Samsung Galaxy Note 2 battery life is great. It managed to last for 3 days on low usage with Wi-Fi connection turn on all the time. Should not have issue to last for whole day on moderate to heavy usage.


  1. Hi Jayce, thanks for sharing the info, but I begged to differ your findings. For your info, my Galaxy Note 1 also able to achieve such same results if usage also same as yours. U really need to use it aggressively to test it real. Just my 50 cent. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi jay,how do configure your display under 40% battery usage?
    my S2 always get 40%+ for the get 20%+when i set 0-10% brightness and time out 3sec.


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