Samsung Galaxy S II Mesh Case Review

Samsung Galaxy S II is a very slim and light weight smartphone. Plastic is being used to reduce its weight. However, those parts are easily being scratched. Therefore, case is needed to reduce unwanted scratches especially back of the phone (camera and bottom). As the result, I bought Samsung Galaxy S2 Mesh Case from eBay. Based on the seller ~ miki4you, it is genuine Anycall case from Samsung Korea. The golden tag at behind is different with silver tag on official Samsung case that sold in UK. How does it perform? Let’s find out…

Samsung Galaxy S II Mesh Case is made by premium polycarbonate. It is light and does not add much weight to SGS2 itself. And easy to put it on and take it out from SGS2. It fixes on SGS2 tightly. Most important, it protects SGS2 front, sides and back surface, camera and bottom plastic from being scratched when put on table. The mesh design helps to reduce case weight and heat during playing intensive 3D games or long hour of GPS usage.

Okay, the negatives… It does not cover top and bottom of SGS2. And certainly cannot protect SGS2 from dropping shock as it is not a rugged case.

Overall, I like Samsung Galaxy S2 Mesh Case in red colour. Besides providing protection, it also makes my SGS2 looks much hotter than before. Interested? Get yours from eBay here


  1. i like the case but, i need one for an Epic Touch version red, and Black cant find anywhere!!!!!
    model D700 i think by Sprint………….


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