Samsung Galaxy S II SUPER AMOLED Plus Display Issue ~ Dark Spot

Samsung Galaxy S II is one of the best Android phones out there. And it received lot of high ratings from mobile hardware review sites. Does it really that good? Anyway, I ordered Samsung Galaxy S2 as my new phone to replace HTC HD2 when its power hardware button failed to response last Saturday. Surprisingly, the button is back to normal after 2 days. But I did not cancel Samsung Galaxy S2 and got it yesterday evening…

Yup, my Samsung Galaxy S II SUPER AMOLED Plus had a dark spot at lower bottom of the display. I searched around Internet and found out that SGS2 has big round circle issue but not like mine. My dark spot issue is new. It is noticeable when display brightness is set to low. No so visible on high display brightness. That might be the issue, so it passed the Samsung quality test and came to my hand. My very first impression of Samsung Galaxy S II ~ not so good. Why? The dark spot is very annoying because I can see it on every ‘next’, ‘okay’ and keyboard ‘spacebar’ button…

Does your Samsung Galaxy S II SUPER AMOLED Plus display has any issue?

Note ~ I got a new Samsung Galaxy S II as replacement just now. Be sure to check the display before you left the shop… 


  1. wow, congrats on your SGS II brother, by the way it means you will no longer post about HD2 android tips and trick and tutorial anymore, or any other news about nand android rom development on HD2…well it’s such a great loss for HD2 users 🙁

    • No worry, my HTC HD2 is still with me. And I will continue to post HTC HD2 related stuffs in the future. But it is getting lesser each day because most of the developers are leaving it too…

  2. Congratulations for your new phones, but apparently my brother SGS2 doesnt have this problem, u should consult for replacement since its was new,

    SGS2 is nice but u gonna miss HTC Sense

  3. Hi there – I just noticed this on my new (less than 2 weeks old) SGS2. Very disappointing and frustrating.
    Do you know of any fix other than returning the phone?

  4. Hi, how do you get that software to change the screen color? I saw that kind of screen when I was working in a LCD mfg company. It’s true they use it to detect those defect. Glad if you can tell me.


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