Samsung Galaxy S2 XXKI3 firmware new features

Thanks to XDA Developer, reflux21 for coming out a change log for the latest leaked official Samsung Galaxy S II XXKI3 firmware (Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread). As many ask the question ~ What is the new features in Samsung Galaxy S2 XXKI3 firmware? As far as I know, the 2 major one ~ battery life and sound quality were improved. Hey, my Logitech mouse is still working on USB OTG host. And you will see the blue over scroll glow.

And here are some goodies from reflux21 list that I am interested…

  • Speed improvements on stock browser
  • Improved cam quality
  • Anti-aliasing on fonts a leap better than older builds
  • Notification icons take lesser space in the notification bar

Head to XDA to find out all the Samsung Galaxy S2 XXKI3 firmware new features.


  1. Now I realised that the issue to my echo sound using the headphone is actually the headphone itself. I swap it with ipod shuffle’s headphone and it turned out pretty good!

  2. stock firmware XXKI3 – is it deodexed or odexed? sorry total no idea what these two are
    Co’z i’m trying to install Jkay theme but there are two types of zip files – deodexed and odexed
    pls help πŸ™‚

  3. “sound quality were improved”-I heard that SGS2 has a degraded DAC when compared with SGS. So can the improved sound quality be comparable to SGS with this FW? I think FW can improve sound, but only upto the limits imposed by the hardware (DAC).

  4. Does the phone need to be sim unlocked before upgrading?
    And will everything basically work with the Bell version of the Galaxy SII …apn settings and all.
    Sorry..noob here

  5. Dear jayce

    I flashed my mobile using ur method………..there are few problems/fears which i want to dispel

    1. before updating. my usb debugging mode was not on……does it matter ?

    2. I didn’t put my cell in recovery mode prior to updating and wipe my cache or factory data….Is it alright or should i do it now after updating firmware ? Can it be done after wards ?

    3.Apparently I have successfully updated my fw from 2.3.3 (orange) to 2.3.5…..but it seems i have lost that brightness which i had with the stock firmware. this is noticeable especially with my camera pics…they appear darker to me…Is it normal ? or I am just being paranoid ?

    4. If i wanted to get back to stock fw….Will i have to flash just stock fw or flashing stock kernel is also important….

    5. Originally my cell was showing yellow triangle while booting but now after updating , that triangle is gone….as to my understanding, now perhaps it’s unrooted ? If so will or should i root it again and if i don’t do any thing any further ??? How to root after updating to fw xxkI3 (2.3.5) ?

    I know these are too many questions but your guidance is of immense importance to me….Plz Help…

    • 1. No.
      2. Not a must to wipe data and cache. You can do it before or after.
      3. I do not use camera much. No comment.
      4. Just flash original stock firmware will do. You need to wipe data and cache when downgrade.
      5. Yes, it is not rooted yet. You need to root it again if you want. Use CF-Root to root.

  6. hey jayce ..

    Thanks really for replying…it is very heartening….

    I was able to retrieve my original file for reverting back to 2.3.3 from the site :, under the Orange UK…..along with stock kernel….
    Is it the right source..?

    In case if I downgrade , will I root it again with just CF-root. ?

    My original file was : GT-I9100_ORA_I9100BVKG3_I9100BVKG2_I9100ORAKG3.TAR……where can I get relevant root file from ?

    and if I don’t root at all , will it affect my phone’s performance in any way ?

    In one of the threads on net , that is,, the author has advised to flash kernel as well , after flashing with root file…..What do you say ?

    Your help is much appreciated…. I am sorry dear, I am not much of a technical person at all…for give me if some of the questions sound repetition or just stupid πŸ™‚ .

    • Yes, that XDA page is the firmware for carrier branded.

      CF-Root does not have exact match for carrier branded firmware. But you still can try the nearest match. Some said it is working.

      No, rooting does not help to improve performance. But other apps that require root access might help to improve.

      Don’t use anything on Galaxy S1 on Galaxy S2. Take note on that. It will brick your SGS2.

      • Dear jayce

        Your help is invaluable…………….i am really lucky to find such technical expertise…….

        Originally my phone was:

        Android version : 2.3.3

        Bandbase: 19100 BVKG2

        kernal no : root@DELL 103#2

        Build No : Gingerbread.BVKG3.

        Later I upgraded it to xxi3 as per your tutorial……. I feel as pages of home screen, which are now 7 in number take a slight drag before sliding…rest is all good….Is it just my feeling or is it normal with this firmware ?

        Now in an effort to revert , i found the following firmware from xda developers list of official carrier branded firmware….This is from orange UK.. and is as follows :


        Is it a right choice ????? to get back to 2.3.3 .

        Now in search of compatible CF root…….In the list given in one of your page , none seem to come even close to the kernel version given above , that is , XWKDD, … Now what should I do ?

        Should I select the one like, XX_OXA_ KG2 OR XW-mot- KG 1 ??????? OR please suggest some which could be closest to mine one……………Need your technical opinion in this regard as i am totally goof and fear a lot ,lest i totally end up bricking my phone .

        • I deleted those pages that I did not use. So I left only 2 pages.

          I think GT-I9100_ORA_I9100BVKG3_I9100BVKG2_I9100ORAKG3.TAR should be the one. It matches yours, right?

          I am also not sure which CF-Root should you should. Maybe you can consult other who has the same kernel as yours.

  7. dear jayce

    I have a friend who has the same cell with same firmware installed ( the one which i originally had on my cell and later updated and changed ). Is their any way that i could extract firmware and root file from his mobile and use it in my cell to revert to the previous version…………If there is such a way, please guide me how to do it…………

    Much obliged …

  8. hi jayce……………………………….. I downloaded GT-I9100_ORA_I9100BVKG3_I9100BVKG2_I9100ORAKG3.TAR from xpa developers page under orange Uk……and now have come across another version from samfirmware .com which is:

    I9100XWKDD_I9100XXKDH_I9100OXXKDC_HOME.TAR after extracting xwkdd using 7zip…

    Which one should I use…………….? to remind you my original kernel number was : root@DELL 103#2………………this is xwkdd which is pissing me off πŸ™‚

    I also used xwdd stock kernel from which were tar files and when extracted by 7zip got their zimages…………I think, i should keep tar files and not zimages …right ???

      • hey jayce…

        I am trying to get back to my original fw which came from orange UK….i got that from official fw branded carrier site of xda. Later i found somewhat matching firmware also on ..So wanted to know which one to go for ?

        Jayce…………is there ice cream sandwich available now for download ??

        and which one is better out of xxjvt , xxki3 and xxi4 …all 2.3.5 ? I heard that for ics to download one will have to shift to xxjvt ? What do you say ?

        • I use firmware from XDA only. Never try

          ICS is not yet available on SGS2.

          xxjvt is not SGS2 firmware. It is SGS firmware. Don’t install it.

  9. Hello Jayce.

    From Singapore using the stock 2.3.3 DXKI2 firmware (initially 2.3.4 when bought but had to change a new board as it was faulty πŸ™ ).. Feel 2.3.4 more stable than 2.3.3.Currently my 2.3.3 auto restart every 2 – 3 days..

    Wanted to upgrade to 2.3.4 but seems not available for DX zone. Am tempted to try 2.3.5 but not sure does the above version will work well with S2. From your experience is it more stable?

    Thank you!

  10. Hi Jayce good day to you! I would just like to ask if i can change the modem which is included in the package of the firmware. For example I am using no checkrom revolution hd v3.1.1 (XWKJ3) which includes the kitchen pro app and included in the app kitchen is a list of modems to choose from. I changed the modem from from XXKI1 to XXKI4 which i downloaded and installed from the apps kitchen. Is that okay? I would appreciate very much if you can enlighten me regarding this. Thanks very much and more power to you and your site.

  11. Hi Jayce I have a GT-I9100 may I know which firmware kernel is more updated(better) is it the XXKI3 or the XWKJ3? I just did the GingerBread 2.3.5 update via Odin and it has the XXKI3 kernel but as per XDA website the XWKJ3 have a later date.

  12. Thanks for that very fast reply. however, I can’t find any firmware packages with a .pit file.

    Are there really no .pit files in official releases? It just burns me knowing that I just flashed my device with a .pit file that came from a “beta” release.

  13. hello jayce,

    is it possible to downgrade my samsung gs2 from checkrom rev 3.1.1 to xwdd so that i could overclock it? or is it possible to overclock my phone with current firmware… thanks…

  14. I used the 2.3.5 XXKI4 once but it has a bug that seems frequent in between official releases-when you shut down or clear RAM your personalised placing of icons is lost and the icons in Applications get jumbled. So I reverted to XXKI3. I want to install the latest XWKJ2/3 but wanna be sure if it has that jumbling icon issue.

  15. Hi, Jayce

    You are amazing! I know zero about android firmware, need your help.

    I am using S2 GT-I9100 XXKI3, would like to know is there any latest ice cream sandwich for my phone, if yes please let me knowwhere I can find. Arikato!


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