Samsung Galaxy S2 yellow tint display issue

All Samsung Galaxy S II has yellow tint display issue? Yes, I think that should be the answer. There are a lot of people at XDA forum complaint about yellow tint of the left side of their Samsung Galaxy S2 Super AMOLED Plus screen. So I ran the same test to find out. And turned out my very own Samsung Galaxy S2 has this yellow tint issue too. Is that a deal breaker for this Samsung flagship phone? See it for yourself…

Normal | Flipped

Well… Did you see Samsung Galaxy S2 display is slightly darker at the left on Normal mode? Or just notice it when you see the Flipped over version? Personally, I do not notice yellow tint issue much during actual usage. But you can notice it if you look very careful and detail. Anyway, this yellow tint issue is not a deal breaker to me compare to my 1st Samsung Galaxy S2 that have dark spot display issue.

Do you have yellow tint display issue on your Samsung Galaxy S2?


  1. I bought my phone two weeks ago, and i have this problem when using at low brihtness, on the gray screens. This is my second s2. I changed the first one because of dead pixels. And the second one also have screen problem.

  2. I too had this yellowish tinge problem. However, when I changed the display settings I got it corrected. It seems to be a software/firmware issue (I am not a programmer).

    It seems the algorithm used to calibrate the screen is a particular mode is not proper and is ending up with less brighter left screen. (Any idea of if this is a LED back-light screen where the LEDs are present only on the edge etc..!!!)

    Anyways, here is what I changed: Settings > Display > Background effect > selected “Dynamic”.

    This resolved the problem for me (at least for now)


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