Samsung Galaxy S3 battery life test revisited

Is your Samsung Galaxy S III battery life good? If no, you can follow this guide to improve it ~ How to improve Samsung Galaxy S3 battery life? Mine? My Samsung Galaxy S3 battery life is getting better after I started to use custom ROM ~ CheckROM EvoHD which based on latest XXBLFB Firmware (Europe). I only turn the Samsung stuffs that I need like Samsung Apps Store and Accuweather Widget/Services from KitchenPro. Keep it as clean and light as possible. Well, here is my updated Samsung Galaxy S3 battery life test…

Samsung Galaxy S3 battery life revisited

Detailed battery usage
Screen time on

Samsung Galaxy S3 battery life is great on custom ROM with latest firmware. With 3G data connection turn on most of the time, it is still manage to survive for more than half a day on moderate usage. Besides, it is a lot smoother than before. Try out custom ROM if you have the chance. You will love it too.


  1. My Galaxy S3 drains 1% just by staring at the home screen, there is battery problem i take mine off charge n a minute later 1% has gone n i aint even used it in that time. If I turn off everything (Wifi, bt, gps, data, sync), enable Power-Saving, and set Display to Auto-brightness, by the end of a work day (9 hr shift) my battery life will be at around 40% from 100. This is with minimal usage (e.g., check time/date/write some notes). My phone drains like 1% every 10 minutes caused by the Cell standby mode. What can i do for it? Kindly need ur feedback

  2. please explain to me in details how you use your phone in terms of hours browising the net, chatting on whatsapp or any other IM app because my battery cannot last me more than 10hrs with lowest brightness no facebook or twitter, just using some medscape app and Whatsapp chatting like 4 hours….. is this normal…. the only time it gets a rest is when i am working at the hospital during the day attending to patients. its like i cannot use the full capabilities of this phone, its sad

    i even went to an extent to do these settings as explained in this website

    Thanks alot, hoping to hear from you

  3. when you took the screenshot the second one, did it include deep sleep when you didn’t touch the phone at all lets say when you were sleeping?

    please tell me one thing please. How long will i have to expect if i do use gsm, facebook and twitter 1 hour, chatting for 2.5hours?

    i’m sorry if i am annoying you with my questions, its just that i am worried with my 1 week old SGS3 battery life

  4. Dr. Albakry (and anyone else interested in the matter), I am definitely a heavy user (movies, games, chatting, constant wifi connection), and a safe estimate I give for heavy usage is anywhere from 6+ to 8+ hours on a full charge, which I’ve heard is just right for our device.

    I myself was alarmed at first when I got my SIII, because the battery seemed to drain so fast. But as I flashed the LH1 modem and firmware, it’s somehow seemed to improve my battery life IMMENSELY. I just flashed the firmware 12 hours ago (11:18pm now) and granted, I went out so my wifi was on/off. But I woke up with 80%+ battery, flashed it, then haven’t charged up to now:

    6% left after 18hrs 32mins, after a somewhat heavy usage. Might be a fluke, but it’s too noticeable to ignore. I’m intentionally draining my battery now and testing it again to get a more accurate reading.

    • I’m fairly sure it was just a tiny bit over 3 hours. Today, I’ve only had a 2h 11m screen time so far, and my battery is at 25% – 19h 44m. My wifi has been on all night while asleep, and all day today.

      The firmware and modem seem to be working wonders. I’m actually convinced that it’s made all the difference. I really recommend flashing this or finding someone who can.

      (warning: you probably won’t receive OTA updates anymore after flashing and it may void your warranty)

      • thats relatively good….. its close to what i have been getting. anyway have you disabled any apps. please be kind enough if you could to share your settings with me because i have disabled many apps and i am also on lowest brightness. thanks alot πŸ™‚ Thumbs up for you mr MilkGONEbad

        • I do have my brightness on lowest and set to auto. I have removed bloatware (useless stuff like music store, another app store, etc.), but haven’t disabled stuff. I never turn my mobile data on, though, because I rely on wifi. I also don’t really use live wallpaper, usually. Haptic feedback is off, and so are touchkey sounds. That’s all…no disabled apps or anything. I’ve started doing all of that since before I rooted and flashed my phone, though.

          No problem, just wanted to help out as I myself felt a little helpless when I noticed my battery problem. Just wanted to let you know that there’s hope and the fix is readily available! πŸ™‚

  5. can you make me a list of all bloatware removed…… i also rooted my phone and i have the LH1 firmware already for sometime….. do you have a custom rom installed….. i have all of what you have to off…..
    this is my first android phone after coming from a nokia N8 so thats why i am curious n all….

    • The bloatware were just apps from the carrier Vodafon, as my phone probably came from Europe unlocked. And they had all their silly versions of Software Update, Music Store, and App Store. Also some silly app that tries to be like Google Latitude or similar. Also got rid of S Suggest and ChatON. I do not have a custom rom installed, and just waiting for the official Jellybean update. I have heard that Omega 14 is nice, though, but I haven’t tried it personally. This is my first Android as well, coming from a Nokia X6, so you can imagine that I really find the phone AMAZING.

      I turn stuff off because I don’t like them. But I believe that we shouldn’t have to disable apps that we find useful just to save on battery. That would be sad indeed, because we have a very good phone.

      • how did you uninstall them? me too i am waiting for the jellybean update…rumours are that it may be sooner by 29th august….. i have the international version of it pebble blue. it came to an extent that i am waiting for my spare battery…… for how long should you charge a new battery?

        • Ah, yes, I do have Juice Defender. It’s just set to the default Balanced setting. I removed them via Titanium Backup app. I have an International Pebble Blue version myself! I would say the same amount of time I charged my SIII when it first arrived: around 6 hours. My brother in law also has the same phone, and he charged it for 12 hours… So, I really don’t know what the right answer to that is heheh.

          • i had the cell standby problem, i rooted after installing the LH1 update and then corrected it. i will try juice defender…… it seems a bit complicated for me, dnt knw what to set….. dude i hope i am not bothering you

            • No, sir, not at all! Juice Defender does seem a bit complicated and extremely customizable, but I must be honest, I just installed it after I noticed my battery dying fast. It was the first thing I did and I haven’t touched it since. I honestly can’t tell if it helps any hahahah. But a lot of people do recommend it, so I’ll just leave it there, I guess. πŸ™‚

  6. im so affraid to buy the new S3 cuz of the battery life,, you would think with all the technology they could come up with a battery that will last more than 1/2 a day.,, it sux you have to disable all these things or root the phone just to save some battery

  7. I cannot believe the remark the battery can last you half a day, I did not pay all this money to run the phone with most of the stuff turned off I could use a simple $20 Nokia, this is a disgrace that Samsung would release a phone like this with a 2100 battery, My iPhone 4S with all the apps on full last me 2 days, give us a free more powerful battery Samsung or take all your phones back or exchange for Note 1, this really sucks and by the way the updates Jelly Bean software does not help battery life almost at all:-(


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