Samsung Galaxy S3 First Impression

Samsung latest Android flagship ~ Samsung Galaxy S III is selling like hot cake in Malaysia. Not enough stock for buyers. I believe other countries are the same too. Celcom does not have Samsung Galaxy S3 Roadshow in Penang this round. DiGi is having one man show there. But I am not going to grab DiGi Samsung Galaxy S3 package because DiGi 3G signal is weak (near to no coverage) at my house. So I paid Celcom Sungai Petani Branch a visit. Hoping to get my Samsung Galaxy S3 there…

Samsung Galaxy S3 First Impression

“Sorry, we don’t have Samsung Galaxy S3 stock yet. But there are demo sets that you can play with now.” Stock is coming next week at Celcom Sungai Petani Branch. No choice but wait. So I played Samsung Galaxy S3 marble white demo set for a while (no pebble blue yet)…

My very first impression of Samsung Galaxy S3. Err… It looks cheap. If you think Samsung Galaxy S2 is cheap in outlook, Samsung Galaxy S3 is worse than it. The marble white back cover is full of fingerprints. Personally, I still prefer matte (non glossy) back cover like Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy Note and Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Why put glossy fingerprint magnet back cover on Samsung Galaxy S3? Hopefully, pebble blue unit will be better.

Placement of Home, Menu and Back buttons are little bit too low. And Home button is harder to press and recognize compare to bigger Home button of Samsung Galaxy S2. Maybe I need time to get used to it.

I am not a big fan of PenTile display. So I don’t put much hope on Samsung Galaxy S3 HD Super AMOLED screen. Yes, you won’t notice PenTile effect on normal usage but it is not as sharp as normal RGB display like HTC One X and iPhone 4S. Guess that I need to wait for Samsung Galaxy Note II for HD Super AMOLED Plus screen.

Will post more when I get my Samsung Galaxy S3 next week…



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