Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 battery life test

Never make a fast conclusion about battery life on new device. Yes, my Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 went through more than 5 times fully discharged and charged cycles. So I am confident that my Galaxy S4 battery is ready to have a better and accurate benchmark for battery life test. Galaxy S4 has 2,600 mAh battery. As usual, screen display and processor use the most battery out of others. How does Samsung Exynos 5 Octa Core Processor and 5″ Full HD Super AMOLED screen perform? Let’s find out…

Galaxy S4 battery history details

Each application battery usage
Screen use details

Samsung Galaxy S4 easily beat its predecessor, Galaxy S3 in battery life test. Above tests was done during holiday as I have plenty of time to play with it. So I downloaded several anime with PPS TV. Then watch them. And enjoyed several music videos too. Therefore, you can see Media is on the top of the battery usage list. Follow by Screen with 4 hours time on. I turned on 3G data connection all the time except anime downloading and watched YouTube. I can say that above usages are moderate. And it can last for 16 hours which is good for daily usage. On heavy usage should last for 4 to 6 hours on intensive 3D gaming.

That’s my Galaxy S4 I9500 battery life test. How about yours?


  1. Hi Jayce,
    Was the screen set to auto, max brightness or other setting?

    Also, if You could answer a question or two from my unlucky 13-list ; ), it would be nice πŸ™‚ Thx in advance I guess πŸ™‚

  2. Hi jayce,

    I’m sorry I don’t know how to read those pics.

    Can you compare the battery life between another phone on how really good is S4?
    Like s4 and htc one x,s3,note 2?

  3. mine doesn’t last this long, im using the LTE Version I-9505, usually i leave home with my battery at 100%, from 8am – 5pm, when i get home, i usually get around 40% percent left, with the Screen always Turned of but LTE is always ON, since i dont use my phone when im at work, any advice on this Jayce, so i could test if my Battery needs to be Replaced?


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