Samsung Galaxy S4 overheat issue

Some readers said that I am pro Samsung devices and hate HTC devices. Well, I am not in favour to any brand (FYI, I love my legendary HTC HD2, no smartphone can beat it). Neither Samsung nor HTC pay me to write. No free goodies from them too. I am just telling the truth and nothing but the truth. Yes, my Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 overheats. Luckily, not as hot as HTC One X (HTC One X auto shutdown when battery temp reaches 70 °C. Yes, it can overheat up to 70 °C). But still consider hot instead of warm especially on top part of the phone where all the heavy duty chips are located there.

Samsung Galaxy S4 overheating

AP = Application Processor which is Exynos 5 Octa (1.6 quad-core ARM Cortex-A15 and 1.2 GHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7) with PowerVR SGX544MP3 GPU for I9500 model. No idea what is PAM yet. BATT is battery of course. As you can see from the screenshot above, Galaxy S4 can heat up to 56 °C while playing intensive 3D games. 3D performance is a lot better than Galaxy S3 but hotter too. Maybe that’s the price you need to pay. But no worry about battery explodes issue as it stays below 40 °C even on heavy usage.

Does your Samsung Galaxy S4 (no matter I9500 or I9505) overheats?


  1. From what I tested, I9505 easily overheated when running some benchmarks, running Epic Citadel (and also its benchmark, too) and Asphalt 7. When heated, it would drop from about 57 fps to about 51-52 in Epic Citadel, so there is something going on..

    • Same here. In Epic Citadel it would drop from 57-58 to 51-52. Never get lower.

      But for me it’s definitely Throttling.

      Some one can try starting 3 times antutu or Epic Citadel?

  2. If you run antutu several times, you will have differents resul based on phone temperature.

    25000 then 23000 then 21000 then 19000.

    S4 is throttling?

  3. if you call that overheating, i don’t know how you ever gonna use a nexus 4…
    which is frustrating for me actually.

    kernel source says it starts throttling at 90’C
    not sure why Luigi’s Antutu slows down.

  4. HI
    Same problem with me ..
    I am using this phone in india..
    When browsing on 3g gets heated up at the top corner of the phone…
    but when i charge this phone..(while charinging ) its get too hot that i can’t even touch my phone …

  5. Tested with antutu stability test and cpu spy.

    Temperature grow from 35 celsius to 40 celsius.

    The cpu frequency chanced

    1900 Mhz 20% of the test
    1674 Mhz 40% of the test
    1350 Mhz 22% of the test

    Cpu throttle exactly like Nexus 4


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