Should I use Seagate certified repaired hard drive?

Yeah… I received my defective Seagate hard drive replacement after 3 days I returned it through RMA. It was sent from Singapore. The hard drive was labeled as certified repaired drive. Hmm… A common question came to my mind ~ should I use Seagate certified repaired hard drive? Anyway, I benchmark it. And the result looks promising. Hopefully, it can perform for years.

Seagate certified repaired hard drive

But I won’t put important data there for just in case…


  1. Don’t use it for anything important. My story, i’ve got a brand new 750Gb.. it went down in like 4 months, received “certified repaired” it had weak heads cut out, it worked less then a month / in perfect conditions, nice case, a lot of cooling, nice PSU /… fine returned the previously returned drive again – guess what – the “new” drive was with cleared G-list that got full after a day and again head count was weird – it worked like 2 months slowly degrading up to the point of totally unusable. I won’t even send it back again – don’t need that hassle. When you buy more expensive hdd you expect at least a better service – nothing like that, and Seagate knew about the firmware bugs way before it went public but done nothing. Out of more than 10 Samsung hdd’s one 500Gb went bad – they replaced it with brand new retail – that’s how it’s done. I’m not buying Seagate never again. I hope the “recertified bs” works for you, for me and a lot others it does not.

  2. I also got a certified hdd it worked fine after 4 months its gone not working my friend had certified repaired hdd alo but he had 4 all four were new but i dont work for more than 1 month segate sucks……

  3. I just took out a 500gb SGC Hdd, I must have gotten it off of woot-com ages ago. It was still chugging away after years of use (it’s so old that I don’t remember buying it). Not sure their track record, but mine preformed flawlessly for a years. I’ve had good luck with Seagate, I have 2 3tb usb 3.0 externals, an older 1tb and I just picked up a 4tb internal a few days ago.


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