Slacker Radio – Listen to Free Internet Radio Stations

Yeah… There are free Internet radio stations for you through Slacker Radio on Windows Mobile. Slacker Radio has been optimized for the HTC HD2, which features Windows Mobile 6.5 and a screen resolution of 480×800. Other smartphones like HTC Imagio, HTC Pure, HTC Tilt2, LG eXpo & the Samsung Omnia II have no problem to use it too. It also available in other mobile devices like BlackBerry, iPhone, Android and Palm.

Top stations in Slacker Radio

[pull_quote_center]We’re Sorry. Slacker Personal Radio is not available in your area. Unfortunately, Slacker Personal Radio is currently only available in the United States. While we are working to extend our licenses to other parts of the world, at this time we can only play music to our listeners within the United States.[/pull_quote_center]

Err… This is what I got when trying to connect to free Internet radio station. I cannot use it. I am not in US. It only allow US Internet service provider. I guess that I need to go through US proxy server in order to use it. Hmm… Any other free Internet radio station in Asia?

Anyway, for those in US. Grab your Windows Mobile Slacker Radio cab here. Or visit Slacker Radio website directly.


  1. I just subscribe to a month of $3. At least no need to listen to *annoying* ads and slightly less annoying deejays.


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