SonicGear SPACE 5 Review

Meet SonicGear SPACE 5 Bluetooth Multimedia Hi-Fi Speaker. Yup, another stylish one from SPACE Series. What make it different when compare to the SPACE 3. In term of size, they are the same – compact 2.1 speakers with ultra-small woofer. Support Bluetooth 4.2 as well. But SPACE 5 comes with additional remote controller. That brings micro SD built-in MP3/WMA player and headphone jack output too. Furthermore, it has more total system power at 30W. Does it sound great as well? Read on to find out…

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Package Content & Design
SonicGear SPACE 5 comes well-protected as expected. On top of the speaker set, there are 3.5mm AUX audio cable, multi-function remote controller and user manual.

Again, build quality is great too thanks to tough MDF wooden cabinet on subwoofer. Plastic housing for both satellite speakers. As for design, there are slightly changes between SPACE 3 and 5. Do check out below photos for details. There is 3.5″ bass driver covered within round fabric grill with plastic housing in front of the subwoofer. All the inputs/outputs and control are located on the right. There is bass volume only. No treble volume control that I prefer.

The bass reflex port is located on the left. And 4 anti-skid pads at bottom to provide stability even on maximum bass volume output.

Same 2 compact satellite speakers in size but no fabric grill this round. Replaced with sturdy plastic grill.

Alright, here is the remote controller. Audio source mode button, media playback multi-function control wheel, mode light indicator, AUX in and headphone out are there for you. And the top round part is the master volume knob. Having this extra remote is great as it can be easily reached. And let you put subwoofer at other place farther that you prefer.

Performance Result
More power == better? In short, yes. SonicGear SPACE 5 comes with 2 x 2″ 7W full range driver for satellite speakers. 16W from subwoofer. So make it total system power = 30W. Much more power to blast – easily fill a large room now. As usual, make sure that you don’t overload it until distortion. No worry, you won’t notice it with normal line output from media player like Lotoo PAW 5000.

SPACE 5 has outstanding Bluetooth range too!!! Again, one of the best in the wireless range test thanks to the same Bluetooth 4.2 chipset. Passed 10m straight sight line test with eyes closed. And manages to get connected up to 8m+ with obstacles like wall. No worry about getting disconnected while travelling between rooms. And it has almost no lag between video and audio. Great for movie, games and music no doubt. A plus for those who use Bluetooth daily as it boots up with Bluetooth mode by default. But also come with same issue – can’t remember last used audio source.

Thankfully, it manages to remember the last MP3 song and continue to playback the period that stopped previously. A nice feature for those still listening to MP3/WMA. Just plug in micro SD card with your favourite songs will do. Don’t forget the headphone jack output is a nice add-on as well.

SonicGear SPACE 5 share almost the same sound as SPACE 3 – natural sound signature even without treble volume control. Again, sounds great as a compact 2.1 speakers system. And SPACE 5 does have a bit more power to blast than SPACE 3. Treble is slightly clearer too. Same apply to bass – slightly powerful as well (but still not as full as much bigger size subwoofer). Overall, it’s a pleasure to listen to SPACE 5 no matter in office or at home. Great for PC, laptop and even mobile devices like smartphone and tablet.


  • Clear & nice sound quality
  • Powerful bass in small subwoofer
  • Outstanding Bluetooth range
  • Come with wired remote
  • Great build quality
  • Built-in MP3 player
  • Stylish & compact design


  • No treble volume control
  • Can’t remember last used audio source

Enjoy clear, nice treble and pumping bass from SonicGear SPACE 5. Ultra-wide Bluetooth range too. The compact design and wired remote are easier to place it at tight space. No need bigger speaker system and still able to enjoy wonderful sound. Interested? Get yours at Shopee now.


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