SpotCam Sense Review

Yeah… I have the latest IP camera from SpotCam. Meet SpotCam Sense, everyone. It is an improved and updated version of SpotCam HD. Yup, they share many great features like cloud storage with bank-level security, HD video quality, real-time alert, two-way audio, and many more. Yes, it is a network IP camera which store video on the Internet. You can view recorded video on your mobile devices or PC with network connectivity anywhere you like. Sound great? Read this review to find out more…

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  • Easy setup – Setup and ready to go in a matter of seconds
  • Night vision – Automatic infrared LEDs to see clearly even in the dark
  • HD video quality – See the details with FHD 1080P video and a wide angle view
  • Real-time alert – Stay aware by receiving active motion or audio event alert via email or mobile APP from SpotCam
  • WiFi Connectivity – Hassle-free connection to the internet, power cord is the only thing you need to connect to SpotCam
  • Social networking – Share your SpotCam videos to people you like or even public on the air
  • Two-way audio – Built-in microphone and speaker to listen and talk to the SpotCam
  • Scheduling – Turn on and off SpotCam based on your weekly schedule
  • Cross-platform Viewing – View video in mobile or PC device with network connectivity
  • Bank-level security – Video streaming and storage are protected and transmitted securely with SSL encryption


Package Content & Design
SpotCam Sense comes in a well-protected package. And the lens and Infrared sensors are covered as well. Once opened, you can find wall mounting kit, 3m (10 ft) power cable, 12V 1A power adapter, sticker, quick start guide and user manual with multiple languages in the package. SpotCam Sense has cylinder body shape made by solid hard plastic. Build quality is top notch as usual. There are camera lens, infrared LEDs, smart home sensors, status LED and microphone at front. Wi-Fi Mode switch and power port are located at the back. Speaker is on the top and large anti-skid pad at bottom. Again, it can pivot forward and backward to suit your video recording angle too. Need to use it at outdoor? Pick the black version – SpotCam Sense Pro then. It is loaded with IP65 waterproof to protect against splashing. And workable from -30°C to 50°C.




  • Dimensions: Bracket Ф7.5cm(2.95″), Body Ф 4.8cm(1.89″) × 14.8cm(5.83″)
  • Weight: 206g (7.27oz)
  • Power Input: 12V 1A
  • Video: Up to 1080P FHD (1920×1080) at 30 frame/sec
  • Streaming: H.264 encoding
  • Field of View: 155 degrees (diagonal)
  • Audio: Speaker and microphone
  • Night Vision: 12 High-power IR LEDs
  • Internal Storage Space: 500 MB
  • Warranty: One-year parts
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C – 50°C, designed for indoor use

Fast and easy like previous SpotCam HD. Since I already have SpotCam account, the installation is even faster this round. No need account activation at all and straight to SpotCam Sense Wi-Fi connection setup. Just use PC or Android and iOS devices to do so. As usual, Wi-Fi card is needed on PC. You should get it install in less than 10 minutes by following the given instructions. Then place SpotCam Sense at the place that you prefer. That’s it.


There are 2 ways to access SpotCam Sense video – via web browser like Internet Explorer / Edge, Firefox, Safari and Chrome with Adobe Flash or mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android smartphone or tablet. As usual, I am using PC to watch these videos with bigger monitor while at home. And Android smartphone while on the go. Yes, SpotCam Sense supports OTA firmware update too. Got one right after get everything setup. It is running the latest firmware right now.


SpotCam app is available on both iOS App Store and Google Android Play Store. You can use it to watch live video feed. Check back all the events’ alerts. Have two-way audio communication. Find out all the new SpotCam Sense smart home features there like humidity, temperature and illumination on top of normal ones – motion and audio. You can also set built-in alert siren based on these alerts too. All the alerts are configurable based on sensitivity level. Yes, there are real time alert via email and SpotCam mobile application for both iOS and Android. It will keep you updated on the latest events for sure.

SpotCam Sense is part of Internet of Things (or IoT for short). There are more and more IoT nowadays. IFTTT lets SpotCam work with other popular smart devices such as Amazon Alexa, Nest Thermostat and Philips Hue. Lot of stuffs can be done through IFTTT. Example, automatically turn on your Philips Hue when SpotCam detects motion. Say “Alexa, trigger SpotCam on” to turn on your SpotCam. Turn on air conditioner when temperature reached certain level. And other more…


Performance Result
The very first thing that I noticed from SpotCam Sense – wide 155 degrees field of view. Yes, I am getting much wider viewing angle compare to previous SpotCam HD. And it is on 1080P Full HD right now. Video quality is decent as a cloud IP camera. Screenshot below is taken from recorded video footage. It is the worst case scenario with very complex scene. Words still can be seen but not at the best due to high video compression to save some uploading bandwidth. You can also check out the actual video footage from other SpotCam owners that have chosen to share with public – this link. No worry, recorded videos are set private by default. Only you and invited person (shared by you) can view them.

Click for larger original version

Live video feed is responsive as usual. Mobile version is almost sync in real time. Web version do have 2 to 3 seconds delay. Again, your Internet connection is highly depended (at least 1Mbps uploading bandwidth is required). By the way, night view video quality is even better this time. Thanks to new Sony Exmor image sensor and the 12 high-power infrared LEDs. You can see the picture clearly even in pitch black.

Click for larger original version

Let me reinforce the best part of SpotCam. All videos are stored on cloud storage through Internet directly. Therefore, even there is a thief broke into your house and steal everything including your SpotCam, you still have the recorded video footage at cloud server. For normal ones which store in SD card and NAS, they are gone for sure. Yup, 1-day recording for free forever! Last 24 hours video will be kept and delete those over. Need more time? No worry, optional storage plans are there for you – extend recording period to 3 days, 7 days and up to 30 days with small amount of fee. By the way, you can make film footage from stored video. They are stored forever and can save up to 3 hours video in total for each SpotCam. Time-lapse video can be created too. I have 6 hours film storage right now. And you can delete any stored videos that you don’t need to free up the disk space.


  • Video streaming & cloud storage with SSL encryption
  • 24 hours recording for free forever
  • Wide viewing angle & FHD 1080P video
  • Smart home sensors
  • IFTTT support
  • Easy installation
  • Real-time alerts


  • A little too much video compression


SpotCam Sense is a solid cloud IP camera with wide viewing angle and 1080P Full HD video footage. Loaded with IFTTT support and other smart home sensors. With 1-day recording for free forever, it’s perfect for your home and office usage. As usual, do visit SpotCam website for more information. And buy yours here.



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