Store & share photos, videos, documents with Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft SkyDrive is now called OneDrive. Personally, I still prefer to use Dropbox which I have 22GB of permanent free storage by referring others and completed Camera Uploads task. Plus temporary 2 years 48GB from Samsung Android devices. Anyway, no harm to try out OneDrive as it gives you 7GB upon sign up. And another 8GB free storage on referral and camera roll bonus.

Microsoft OneDrive

Hehe… I just realised that there is official OneDrive app for Android. So it supports all the popular platform now – Windows, Mac, Windows Phone, iOS and Android. Yeah, I can start using my free 25GB now…


  1. Hello Jayce, I had rooted my S4 but now I have switched back to the stock one but still status is custom. My OS version is Stock 4.4.2. Can you plz help me ?


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