T95K Pro Superceleron ROM

Yes, there is Sunvell T95K Pro custom ROM after all. Yup, Superceleron developer has one for all T95K Pro Android TV Box users. And this is not limited to Sunvell brand only. In short, all T95K Pro boxes should be the same. Therefore, you can try out this custom ROM too. Besides, there is custom ROM for T95U Pro and T95Z Plus as well. T95U Pro is using the same hardware as T95K Pro by the way. Personally, I prefer custom ROM as it is much better and faster than original stock ROM. Just try it yourself to find out…

V1 Changelog:

  • NOT Based on the Stock, only the kernel is from the stock!
  • Netflix, youtube playstore…etc… fully working
  • Fixed Navigation Bar and added power button and quick switch have the X to close all open apps on it!
  • Xbox360 wireless Gamepad, original and Chinese clones?!(well it works with my clone adapter…)
  • CPU/GPU temperature should be a lot better now! (din’t test this one on the K and U…)
  • Proper rooted.
  • FTMC 16.1 Build 19
  • initd.d support.
  • Fully deodexed.
  • Network tweaks. (On N networks bw around 30 to 44mbits, and on AC networks from 200 to 230mbits on cable well… from 500mbits to 948mbits) i have a 1Gb/100mbit connection!
  • Permissions fixed.
  • Sleep working, full poweroff also working etc..
  • Kodi Brightness fix (videos…)
    Brightness fix for the system, if you guys want more or less brightness simple go to “/system/etc/init.d” and edit the file “1brfix” and change the value in here (echo “10”) save and on the next boot you have the value you put it. A small bug, the 1º time the box boots after flash, its not working it only start working after 1º reboot/shutdown.
  • Removed background logging.
  • CEC disabled by default.
    Fixed auto frame switch in kodi. It only works on FTMC(included) SPMC 16.5.5, on kodi 16.1 doesn’t work because is to old(misses a lot of fixes for the new S9xx devices)!
  • Gapps Updated!
  • Added Xposed Framework
  • Other small fixes and optimizations!

Install instructions? In short, you need to use USB burning tool to install this Superceleron custom ROM. Do take note that it will delete everything when installed. So make sure to make backup of all your important files and data before install this custom ROM.

Download T95K Pro Superceleron ROM here.


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