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Download Batista70 ROM for Samsung Galaxy S2 (CWM)

Love ‘flying’ transition animation? Then you should try Batista70 ROM for Samsung Galaxy S II. Batista70 v3.5 is based on official firmware XXKG6 ~ Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread. It is odexed & zipalinged, no Samsung bloatware included. And it has lot of features like BLN enabled, new camera hack (take pictures by pressing VOL + / -), disable full charge sound notifications… Do check out the full feature list a XDA. Besides, you can customize TwLauncher, lockscreen and theme too. Do try it out on your Samsung Galaxy S2.

Batista70 for Samsung Galaxy S2

Download Lite’ning ROM for Samsung Galaxy S2 (Odin)

Lite’ning ROM is one of the famous custom firmware for Samsung Galaxy S II. It can be your very first custom ROM because it is installed through Odin instead of ClockworkMod Recovery (CWM). Lite’ning ROM v5.0 is based on official XXKG6 firmware Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread. And it is rooted with CF-Root (ClockworkMod Recovery, CWM Manager, Superuser and BusyBox are added), zipaligned and deodexed. It is blue themed, memory and kernel are tweaked. GO Launcher EX is added too. Therefore, you can select between stock TouchWiz Launcher and Go Launcher EX.

Lite’ning ROM for Samsung Galaxy S2

Download Cognition S2 ROM for Samsung Galaxy S2 (CWM)

Don’t like Samsung bloatware that come along with stock Samsung Galaxy S II firmware? Cognition S2 ROM is the one that you should try. Cognition S2 v1.31 is a custom ROM based on Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread (XXKG3). It is rooted, deodexed and zipaligned. And added lot of goodies like SIP over Wi-Fi and 3G, accurate battery mod, extended power options, disable battery full notification & vibration, specify default install location…

Cognition S2 for Samsung Galaxy S2

Download HTC Runnymede Sense 3.5 NAND Android A2SD+ Zip ROM for HTC HD2

Yeah… Here is another HTC Sense 3.5 ROM for HTC HD2 ~ HTC Runnymede. It is based on Android 2.3.5 (Runnymede 0.82.401.1) and using HierOS r1.7.2 Kernel. As usual, the graphics glitches issue was fixed thanks to haldric. Does its performance better than HTC Bliss Sense 3.5? Let’s find out…

HTC Runnymede Sense 3.5

Download VillainROM for Samsung Galaxy S2 (CWM)

VillainROM is very new to me that coming from HTC HD2. However, it should not be unfamiliar with most others because VillainROM is one of the most popular custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S II. Therefore, I picked VillainROM as my first custom CWM firmware to try. What makes VillainROM special? Based on VillainROM v2.4.2, it is fully deodexed. So you can apply custom theme but stock browser will lag. Fully resigned, but with Samsung apps left using stock signatures. You still have the stock TouchWiz from Samsung. And rest assures that it is rooted and added with Busybox and Superuser. Ninphetamine kernel that supports BLN is included too.

VillainROM for Samsung Galaxy S2


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