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Alcatroz Pebble Air Duo Review

Hi guys, check out this stylish portable wireless optical mouse. It is loaded with dual connections – 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth. 1200 CPI with built-in rechargeable battery that can last for 20 days per charge. Yup, Alcatroz Pebble Air Duo is the one. Let’s have a closer look at it now…

Alcatroz X-Craft HP-3 Pro Review

7.1 surround sound, high sensitivity microphone, adjustable headband, ultra-durable kevlar reinforced cable, USB digital and perfect for long wearing comfort… Yes, that’s all part of this budget gaming headphones – Alcatroz X-Craft HP-3 Pro. And it comes with multi-colour LED light effects too. Does it sound great for the price? Let’s find out…

Alcatroz Jelly Bean U2000 Review

Meet Alcatroz latest stylish and budget keyboard and mouse combo – Jelly Bean U2000. USB wired keyboard is loaded with 96 unique rounded soft and silent keys. Those slim and low profile keys are UV coated. As for the mouse, it has 1200 CPI optical sensor. Loaded with responsive and durable switches. How do these budget keyboard and mouse combo perform? Read on to find out.

Alcatroz Jelly Bean A2000 Review

Remove all the wire on Alcatroz Jelly Bean U2000 then you will have A2000 model. Yes, Jelly Bean A2000 has totally same keyboard minus the wire. Therefore, you still have all 96 unique rounded soft and silent keys. UV coated slim and low profile keys. Same 1200 CPI optical sensor for the mouse but different shape this round. Much slimmer too. How is the performance of these wireless keyboard and mouse combo? Stay with me to find out…

Leapfrog E-Store Super Crazy Deal

The long awaiting ‘Super Crazy Deal’ is back, this time the sales will be organized starting from 27 August 2018 – 9 September 2018 as we will have range of brands providing further markdown which include Alcatroz, Armaggeddon, Audiobox, Elysium and SonicGear products.


ProScreenCast SC01 Review – 4K@60 HDR, Low Latency & Portrait Mode...

Introduction Want to connect and display your smartphone / tablet to big TV screen or projector wirelessly? Yes, you can do so with ProScreenCast SC01...


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